Most of us nowadays use smartphones because of the features or specifications it has that makes life easier. Companies are always looking for new features to be offered to its customers. Such as having clearer cameras, storage capacity, battery usage, compatibility of its iOS or android and much more. Even the physical appearance of it was also improved through time. Some have an amoled display which gives you a better experience of its display features. 

But what will you do if your smartphone suddenly stops from working? Sometimes, technical issues arise to phones because of the different reasons such as cracks on screens, program crushed, forgotten passwords on lock screens and many more. If this happens, the whole phone becomes useless since it will not function at all.  

Good thing, there are many companies nowadays who offer services such as smartphone repair that solves the technical issues or appearance problems of phones. If the appearance of the phone is damaged, it is more likely that they will replace the screen, the outer casket, batteries and more. And if it is in the inner portion of the phone, then they can install programs and software in order to make your phone work again.  

So, what are the common repair issues with modern smartphones? Here is the list. 

  • Cracked or smashed screens. Some of us have experienced having their phones smashed or cracked because they did not notice that it fell from a space or maybe intentionally got broken by someone. When this happens, the screens were replaced by a LED screen through pulling out the old screen and replacing the screen of phones to make it work again. In addition, it does actually make the phone brand new looking again. 
  • Damaged charging port or USB connector ports. Sometimes, phones are not charging or it does not connect to your PC because the USB port of the phone is damaged. The reason for this is that you did not carefully unplugged the chargers or USB connectors into the port. When this happens, it disables you from charging your phone which causes it to work or be opened. 
  • Audio Output. Audio output malfunctions when the speaker or the microphone parts of the phone gets damaged. Sometimes, replacing these parts solves the problem or simply reconnects the wires again if it is only unplugged because of a sudden force that makes it split into its location. 
  • Phone Locked. There are some scenarios in which we put passwords to our phones to have security in our files. But sometimes we forgot the passwords especially when the passwords were not made according to things that you always tend to remember. Having your phone factory reset is the best way to re-open or unlock your phone but this needs technical support from IT or any person who has knowledge about phone hard reset. 
  • Program Crush. Sometimes our phones suddenly crushed because of the viruses that has entered into the phone’s software. This happens when we plugged our phones into PC that has viruses already or when you open such sites that contains malware or viruses. When this happens, you need to delete the viruses and reprogram the phone to make it work again. For further protection, an anti-virus software is installed.