Sunday, September 15, 2013

Update on life

It's 5.30am and I find myself going back to my blog that i have left silent for months. Against the background of have a wife that's exhausted, catching on sleep, evident from her snoring or heavy breathing as she calls it and my new born (snoring too, like mom) resting on my chest (favourite sleeping position to date), I ponder the existence of Lots of Cravings.

As I have just revealed, the existence of Chloe was probably one of the reasons why I virtually stopped blogging on short notice. The excitement of a little one coming to our lives suddenly took over any "kick" I had for food blogging.

Guess what, eating out suddenly became more fun, there was no need to spend minutes taking the perfect snap, make mental notes of each dish we had and spend hours writing it up and hope that the community will benefit out from my brilliant or not so brilliant meal.

One of the reasons why I started out food blogging was to put a reference to good food, somewhere on the Internet. Back in KL and Brisbane, it seemed rather useful, with lots of good food to be had but virtually undiscovered in the blogosphere. Guess what again, Melbourne has one of the most exciting food scenes and with reservations and waiting lists a must and one of the largest food blogging population in a city. Suddenly I felt that this whole taking picture and writing about food almost seemed redundant.

So where does this take the future of this blog? Who knows? With a little one that won't be ready to dine out in the coming months, maybe I will have more time to reflect on this. For all you know, I might end up focusing on child friendly venues, or the most newest or undiscovered places that are not covered by the Net or maybe back to square one, actively food blogging once again.

Whatever it is, I know I can still rely on the many food blogs around for recommendations, just like my readers used to come here for inspiration on where to eat. 

So tata for now.