Monday, March 18, 2013

The Petty Officer @ Albert Park, Melbourne

Any brunch place that is no more than a 10 minute drive from home and does not require me to drive through the city immediately gets a big tick from me. 

Now I might have implied that Crabapple Kitchen was our first "brunch" spot since coming back from Malaysia but I have got a funny feeling that after being deprived from my usual daily dose of good coffee (although I did have the odd good cup or two), we headed to the Petty Officer the day after got back to Melbourne. 

If you know where Jocks is (famous for their peanut butter and jelly ice cream which is named after the American president), this is further down the street. Taking up the corner lot coupled with the use of many windows means plenty of light and that's exactly what you want to start the day. 

Its getting incredibly hard to find breakfast dishes that sounds exciting enough for us to order (probably getting pickier). On this front, the Petty Officer brunch items all sounded pretty standard and off the mill, although we did spot a slightly more favourable lunch menu that had things like lamb shoulder, wagyu and pork belly (maybe we are just carnivores).   


Carrying a few more pounds from the insane amount of carbohydrates, I decided to go healthy and went for the bircher muesli (something I would have never ordered but the one at Mart 130 changed my mind). This was just as good, tasted healthy and delicious without feeling like you were eating cardboard. 


We couldn't be all that healthy and we balanced off with some corn fritters in a form that I have never seen before. Whether it was corn roll or corn sausages, the dense filling (not the way that some might like it) paired with the refreshing salsa and creme fraiche was a pretty good combination. Being greedy meant I threw a portion of chorizo which were really nothing to shout about. 

Wash it all down with some coffee and we have a happy customer. While it doesn't really serve the best coffee nor the best food, the place is nice and bright, not too crowded (at least when we were there that day) and also not too far from home. That in my books means it is a keeper and we should re-visit sooner than later.

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Decent food and coffee, coupled with convenience for me since I stay around the area.


Ciki said...

the first dish is penance for the second! :D

msihua said...

I did like the coffees here.. felt they were better than the original at Axil!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

msihua: havent gone to the original but mine was pretty good i must say

ciki: yeah and thank god i actually dont mind eating bircher muesli!