Monday, March 4, 2013

Bistro Guillaume @ Crown Casino, Southbank

Just in case I publish a post and go off for another month break, I am going to pre-write some of these old meals, so by the time you read this, this could have been drafted days, weeks or months ago (you get the picture).

A visit to Bistro Guillaume was requested after the Wife decided that she wanted to have good onion soup. When the Wife wants something, she usually gets it. 

Popping in early on a Friday evening after work, the place as the name suggests has a casual bistro setting. Trying to emphasize that the place was as "french" as it can be, we were greeted and served by a few french waiters wearing 'Lacoste' polo t-shirts. The menu is pretty "french" too as you would expect.


Bread and butter is served almost immediately after you sit down, a nice touch as you chew on some bread while making up your mind on your orders.

We knew what the Wife was going to have as a starter:


To which she commented that it wasn't as good as the one she had in Paris and more obviously, too salty. Still, it was a good onion soup, plenty of cheese is topped on bread that sits on a full bowl of soft caramelised onions in bovine broth.


I am not sure how french is risotto but I had what was an entree size portion topped with veal sweetbread. The soft spongy offal is cooked just right, but compared to the onion soup, the risotto was under seasoned and not helped by the jus at all. 

By being so focused, the Wife was clueless when it came to the Mains. Not one to eat fish or chicken outside (and I didn't want her to order same main as mine), she was left with the duck.


The duck confit that night came with brussels sprouts and a mustard seed tinged sauce. The picky Wife didn't like it (although the main reason is probably the inclusion of the vegetable that she hates). The skin wasn't as crispy as it could be and the meat was on the dry side.


I can't really complain about steak and chips, although the chips were under seasoned. As much as I tried to like the bernaise sauce, I didn't really like it as well (personal preference). I can say though that the steak was cooked the way I like it and it was well rested.

With the meal not exactly being a hit, we left without desserts (big regret, read below). 

As we appeared to have ordered before 6pm, we were entitled to the pre-theatre dinner special - $45 for 2 courses, $55 for 3 courses. When we got the bill, the accountant in me could not believe that we had just forgone a dessert for 10 bucks, oh well.

While the food was good, it wasn't great. At 55 bucks a person for 3 courses (if you order by 6pm), it won't break your wallet but I am not sure whether we will rushing to come back so soon. 

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Decent French food but surely there are better ones out there in Melbourne?


msihua said...

A new post? Who are you? What have you done with Joe?! Awww you guys missed out on the awesome Paris mash :P

Baby Sumo said...

I had some French onion soup in KL recently, I thought it was too salty but Hubby and my brother both thought it was fine.. apparently that's how the French makes it, according to them.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

msihua: haha im back! hmm make sense that we should have ordered some mash..

babysumo: well i guess they bring seasoning to a new level

Ciki said...

yeah, better stick to the italians making the risotto! Onion sup looks great though .. love the cheesy bits! :D