Monday, December 3, 2012

Mamak @ Melbourne CBD

Much has been talked about Mamak and what it has done for all the Malaysians / Singaporeans residing in Sydney. A place where people can dig into some authentic roti canai, washed down with a glass of teh tarik, late into the night. News broke out that they were going to open a Melbourne outlet and before I knew it half the Asian town was talking about it online. 

Some said it was not up to scratch while others hinted to stick to what they do best; the rotis.

Crap review or not, the Wife was quite adamant to give it a go and off we went.


First impressions are important and it didn't start off well with the nasi lemak being a disaster. The rice was hopeless, wet, soggy, overcooked and without a hint of coconut. No fried chicken and awesome sambal could save this dish.


However, on the bright side, the roti tissue was as good as any you can get in Malaysia, flaky and sweet. The sambal was awesome but as you can see, very stingy on the portion.

Their teh halia (milk tea with ginger) was too sweet and the use of some form of ginger syrup was off putting. 

I guess the reviews were right, just stick to the rotis.

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Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars. The roti tissue is worth going back for but definitely not the nasi lemak!


iamthewitch said...

I only eat roti when I go to Mamak.. their mee mamak is not bad too. But the nasi lemak I had here sounded better than yours though... It was very coconuty and fragrant. And they even let me have an extra saucer of sambal to go with the rice. :)

msihua said...

That's pretty much what I've been telling everyone. Stick to the rotis and you won't be disappointed :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

msihua: lesson learnt haha

iamthewitch: like they say, the original outlet is always better

Winston said...

Omg I had no idea that it's only rated 67% out of a staggering 447 reviews... Shocking! And like your missus, I too tend to not give a damn about reviews and just give a place a fair go myself. Only thing that's been putting me off about this place is lines and the fact that it's Malaysian. Not a lot of places that grab my attention to go for Malaysian food, cuz everyone seems to taste the same and "ma ma dei" only. Unlike Kuala Lumpur restaurant in Carnegie for their seriously awesome claypot curry fish head...

eiling lim said...

and they stinge on sambal!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eiling: they do!

winston: yes i have it noted down to try their curry fish head..well i think my "msian" tastebuds have been blunted by the msian brisbane fare, so everything msian around here is pretty damn good!