Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Sunny Cafe @ Springvale, Melbourne

At the rate  I am blogging, I think I might have to blog till 2013 before I finish writing up about my USA adventures; with so many places to go like Peter Luger, the household name for porterhouse steak in NYC, Eleven Madison Park, ranked no.10 in the world, dining in Vegas and the awesome Southern food in Alabama. So since it's going to take me till 2013, I might as well take my time and will be dedicating one entry a week to my food escapade while transiting back to Melbourne food. 


So back to Melbourne, shall we?

One Saturday morning, we found ourselves looking at each other, both knowing what the other will ask "what's for breakfast?". With only so many poached eggs, bacon and toast you can eat and the other alternative being yum cha, we challenge ourselves to think of something out of the blue. We wanted something Asian and the next best thing would have been a bowl of pho but no, we wanted better. 

A quick search on Urbanspoon and we found Taiwanese. Imagine xiao long bao, fried cruller wrap with a roti-like pancake, beef noodles and hot soya bean for breakfast! 

Although a bit of a deal breaker due to its location in Springvale, you will not be disappointed if you do end up driving up to the Sunny Cafe. Having eaten the original items in Taipei before, we can say some of the items here are quite original. However, the place is small and fits maybe 10-12 people at a time so you have been warned if you intend to walk up and imagine seats waiting for you.  



Start off with soya bean, sweet and/or savoury. The savoury version is similar to the one I had in Taipei, curdled with some vinegar and topped with some fried crullers. 


It was still early Spring and it was one of those days when the weather couldn't make up its mind and decided to be chilly as Winter, so a bowl of hot steaming beef noodles was in order. Not the best broth or the most tender beef you will get but one can't complain since you can get this early in the morning. 


One of the things we had the most in Taipei was this egg roti-like pancake wrap and how could I resist when I saw this on the menu. Nothing like a bit of oil to start the day. 


Not the best xiao long bao but heck to get to eat this for breakfast early in the day, I say its a good choice. 

Simple satisfying Taiwanese breakfast. Now I wonder what else Melbourne can offer?

Address and contact details:

The Sunny Cafe on Urbanspoon

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Let down by the bloody long drive but won't hesitate when the craving for that roti like pancake kicks in!

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