Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kat'z Deli @ Lower East Side, NYC

If there is one place to have a meal in NYC, whether you are local or a tourist or haven't heard of the movie "When Harry met Sally", it is Kat'z Deli. Besides the point that you get to potentially dine at the same table where Meg Ryan sat faking an orgasm (I admit I haven't watch the movie before but I did youtube the infamous scene), this place is also a piece of NYC history. Having opened since 1888 and fed generations, they are famous for none other than their (drum roll), pastrami sandwiches. 


Just look at the queue!


The place is a chaos, queue outside and once you get in and get a ticket, don't lose it. Once you get inside, you have two choices, order at the counter like you would at McDonalds or go further in and get table service. I say queue.


Despite having to queue to get to your sandwich, there seem to be a tipping system here. Put a dollar or two in the bucket (make sure the server sees it) and while he prepares your gigantic sandwich, you get to sample a slice or two, maybe three of their signature smoked pastrami. (You can risk not tipping and see if you can still get a slice or two to try).

Remember the ticket? The server writes what you ordered on it and you take it to the cashier when you leave.

For 15-16 dollars a sandwich, this is no cheap sandwich and the original plan was to share two between four thinking it must be huge for the price tag. How wrong I was, it's huge but you just wouldn't want to share a pastrami sandwich or at least the version at Katz if you could.


We wanted variety so we ordered a brisket, this was good meat but a little dry in certain bits. 


I say stick to this. Whether have it plain or rueben (swiss cheese and sauerkraut), it's mind blowing. There's something about the melt in your mouth texture, how tender it is, how flavorsome it is and how simple it is. A plain meat sandwich yet almost an icon in its own right. It was so good, I queued again for 15 minutes to get another one. Looking at it, all I am thinking is having one for lunch, one for dinner and maybe one for tomorrow's lunch (ok, maybe that's a little too much)


Just don't come here expecting hip, cool or have a date (unless your girl is into pastrami), its packed to the rafters, noisy as a club and let's just say the ambience makes you feel like you have just gone back in time.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Its freaking expensive for a sandwich, although granted you get close to a pound of meat in it. However there's something in that smoky juicy meat that you can't put a price tag on and I think it would almost be a sin not to give this a try if you are in NYC.


Baby Sumo said...

I think the sauerkraut makes a difference to the sandwich right?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: well it cuts down the richness of the meat but still the highlight is the pastrami itself

Trini Carib Cater said...

I have seen this place on Man v Food and it looks amazing. I love the amount of meat they use for just one sandwich.

If I am ever in New York I will be visiting the Deli!!

Ian -