Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Auntie's Dumpling @ Carnegie, Melbourne

We have driven past Carnegie numerous times on our way to Chadstone but have never thought of stopping by to check the eateries. Traditionally known as the "Korean side of town", the main street being Koornang road actually houses eateries of all kinds. We spotted Japanese, Chinese, Italian and even a Bagel shop (which was awesome by the way)!

We were told by a friend to give this cheap and awesome dumpling place in the area a try. So that's exactly what we did and after the meal we couldn't believe we had not discovered Auntie's Dumplings earlier. 

Don't expect luxury when you enter this no frills place. Take your pick of filling from pork, beef, prawn, vegetables, or a mixture of both to be in your dumpling, decide whether you want them boiled or pan fried and wait. Or if you think that dumplings is not enough, there's a variety of buns, noodles, rice and more traditional chinese dishes to pick from as well. 


I was craving for chilli oil wanton and while this was not exactly what I had in mind with the chili oil being rather tasteless, the wantons had a good prawn filling.


Can't go past some classic pan fried pork dumplings. Looking at the picture, I can imagine having a plate of this for dinner everyday.


At this stage, we realised that we shouldn't have ordered anything more but if you had to order one item here it has to be the "san cheen bao" which is like a hybrid between bun and dumpling with a generous pork filling. Be careful when you bite into it with meat juices squirting out like a "xiao long bao".  


The dish that we shouldn't have ordered but didn't regret ordering. The shanghai fried noodles came with what tasted like home made noodles. Slightly chewier than normal yellow noodles, it was stir fried in what tasted like a simple soy based sauce with a little sugar. Oh the simple pleasures in life.  

With so many different dumplings on offer, we can't wait to go back again. 

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. No frills place for some affordable dumplings. 


Baby Sumo said...

The san cheen bao looks good, dont think I've ever had one with pork filling in KL .. the one I had before was just vegetable filling but the skin was slightly chewy.. nice.

Sean said...

definitely wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into those dumplings ... and i'd want duck dumplings too! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: alas i dont think old school dumplings uses duck, dont remember seeing any either..although a pretty damn good idea!

babysumo: really???? if its vege im sure its not called san cheen bao rite? i remember eating a few times in KL before, probably in the DTFs and Dragon Is