Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two Birds One Stone @ South Yarra

Come to think about it, we haven't exactly ventured into the South Yarra / Toorak area for breakfast unless you count taking away pastries and bread from the Movida and French Fantasy bakeries. So it was rather good timing to visit the area when I read from Twitterland about the opening of Two Birds and One Stone, just off Toorak Road. 


Opened by the same guys from Three Bags Full (so I heard), the place is warm and inviting (well anywhere is at this time of the year). There's a big communal table which is similar to Three Bags Full too. If there was one difference I can spot, it is the people around us. Everyone seemed all dressed up, prim and proper (despite the fact that it was 9.30am on a Saturday morning) and I suddenly felt a little under dressed.

Get over that fact and you will be rewarded with good coffee made from a rather handsome machine and hearty filling breakfast choices. 


Now apart from being a common phrase, killing two birds in one stone, the phrases are also part of the menu. Two Birds is the one with the lot; eggs, mushrooms, spinach, bacon, sausages, tomatoes and this awesome relish. Many have wowed about their sausages but I don't recall anything wow about it (or mainly because the Wife must have given me such a small piece). I believe the One Stone is the vegetarian version.


Although the portion looks smaller compared to the big breakfast, it was just as filling. After months of looking out for, I guess "different" breakfast items, it was nice to go back to a classic and nothing is more classic than a egg benedict. The shredded ham was nothing like the ones you get in your ham and cheese sandwich, it was meaty and intense and offset by a light and acidic hollandaise sauce. 

Being 5 minutes away from home, this is a brilliant option but having to wait 10 minutes for a table at 9.30am, we might have to lose a little more sleep to arrive earlier.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. One of those breakfast places where there's nothing wrong with it except for the queue and in this case, how well dressed everyone seems to be (this is after all a posh area). 


iamthewitch said...

The environment sure looks posh too! And you staying just 5 minutes away from the posh area also means that you're posh *ahem* :P hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

iamthewitch: aiyo please..5 mins makes alot of difference; like bangsar and sentral or KLCC and kampung baru haha..

msihua said...

What you're only 5 mins away? NO FAIR!

Winston said...

Oh wow!! This place seems to be on all the blogger's radars the past week, now I have to try. And I really trust your judgement and can see why it was a great experience for you. Gotta make use of my final sem of uni while I can to check out all these really busy cafes in the weekdays to avoid the crowd!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

winston: i think its not just on the bloggers' radar but on alot of people's radar, the crowd was crazy!

msihua: well maybe not..just checked googlemap and its closer to 10 mins haha.