Thursday, August 2, 2012

Its Truffle Season!

I am conscious that it has almost been three weeks since I shared on Twitter about how excited I was in buying my first winter truffle. Before the truffle season ends (according to the guys at Georgie's Harvest South Melbourne Market, the truffles coming out from the ground are still looking good and it should stretch to August (although I am aware that it is now August), So before it becomes September, I thought I quickly share how daunting yet exciting it is to cook with such a magical perfume of a fungus. 


Weighing at 12 grams and costing me well 36 bucks, this little bugger was put nicely in a small jar and went straight into my jacket pocket (didn't want it to get lost in my shopping trolley). 

The first thing we set out to do was to make some truffled scramble eggs but before you actually make it, store the truffle with some eggs in an air tight container. 


Ideally put it in together for 2-3 days to give the truffle some time to perfume the inside of the eggs. We couldn't wait and did it for a day and I can say the result is much milder than expected. That said, don't belittle the size of the truffle. Open up the jar after a day and take a big whiff inside the jar, the smell is intoxicating (in a bloody good way).


So for a first course, it was my rather runny scramble eggs (x4) with some shaved truffle. Like I mentioned before, the truffle "taste" is not so much for your palate but for your nose. It smells better than it tastes (or a lack of taste). 

One challenge I did have was finding a substitute truffle cutter and it was a challenge. Using the crap microplane grater, we had quite a few pieces sticking on the grater. Using a cheese slicer, we found it was hard to slice it thin enough since the truffle was so small to begin with. However, if cooking truffle is going to be a one off, live with it or invest in a truffle cutter.


The second course was a mushroom soup, recipe for another day and again the truffle works brilliantly on the nose. However if you are generous with your truffle, it can work magic into what was an ordinary soup. 


I stretched the 12 grams to the third and final course, a simple mash. We normally drizzle truffle oil into our mash but after having fresh truffle, I don't think I can reach out for my truffle oil any more.

So there you have it, if you want to take cooking to the next level, why don't you invest in some winter truffle in the next coming week or so before the season ends. 


AugustDiners said...

OmG! i want one of those winter truffle!!!! U reckon they will let ppl hand carry back to KL? im gonna bug my friends to buy it back for me!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

augustdiners: malaysia immigration wont check i reckon, well your friend better be going back to KL soon because i think theres only about another 2 weeks worth!

mh said...


Sean said...

ooh, this would be brilliant! i wonder if we can find truffles like these at stores in KL. i recall black truffles most recently were about RM10++ per gram at some italian restaurants...

Michelle Chin said...

i think i bought 50 grammes, thinking it was not enough. how wrong was i...


anyway, it made me not want to eat any truffles anymore after that because i often complain about how they lack the intense taste of the one i bought straight from tasmania.

Baby Sumo said...

They sell winter truffles in jars here, but they suck big time!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: yeah nothing beats fresh truffle.

mchin: well theres nothing better than getting ones that takes the least distance to your door, ours were vic and despite the lack of intensity on the palate, the smell was top notch!

sean: 10++ per gram? well thats the price i paid!

mh: yum yum indeed!

Ciki said...

just listen to you .. u sound like an addict! haha..but don't blame ya! how much is the truffle cutter ar?

The food looked great! u really ODed on it didn't u!

msihua said...

Wah so decadent!!! Lucky you!

Winston said...

Ohh wahhh you really used every milligram of those truffles really well, huh. Seem like the perfect accompaniment to the truffles. And hey you should post more recipe posts your cooking looks awesome lol! I've never bought fresh truffles before but thanks for the heads up about how it's normal to not have a strong flavour. Saves me the "disappointment" when I eventually do. Still keen to try!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ciki: the cutter is 50 bucks, so if i give in and buy another truffle before season ends, its either a cutter or a much better micro plane haha..

msihua: well 30+ bucks well spent.

winston: the problem with recipes is 1. i put a little bit of this and a little bit of that and 2. its hard to take pictures while i cook haha.