Monday, July 2, 2012

Peko Peko @ South Melbourne

Peko Peko to me is one of those places where we can get a fuss-free quick and cheap dinner. Well almost fuss-free. Unlike most places in my book that do belong to that category, Peko Peko requires you to call them up in advance just to make sure there's a table waiting for you because they are always packed (or close to packed). Once you are seated though, the affair is pretty straight forward. Choose one item from the bountiful list of dishes you can order from, wait a little while, eat up, pay a very reasonable $15-20 per pax and off you go.

Feeling a little peckish and want a starter on top of your main course? Try the taiwanese sausage.


Slightly sweet and spiced, this was rather lean compared to the ones we have had in Taiwan or the ones you get in the supermarket.


The beef noodles comes with a light herbal broth that anyone would be happy with especially during cold winter nights. I can't really say the same about the beef though for it was rather forgettable.



While I preferred the broth used in the beef noodle, I loved how generous the battered pork chop was in this dish. The batter and the taste reminds me of the night markets of Taipei where freshly battered chicken chops are sold by the hundreds if not thousands each night. 



Apart from noodles, Peko Peko serves a mean bento box. Alongside two small random side dishes, you get to choose the main dish from a list of 20 over items (I think). The pop corn chicken is recommended, a classic and done similarly to the battered pork chop. The only problem I had is how dry it was trying to eat fried chicken with plain white rice (then again, I love gravy / sauce with white rice).

The honey beef comes with a sweet glaze gets a little sweet as you reach the last few pieces but great to eat alongside the rice.

So if you happen to stay in the South Melbourne / St Kilda Road area, this is a small brilliant place for a weekday dinner (although I will regret saying this if I have to wait for a table the next time I visit).

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. For what it is, simple satisfying dishes for a weekday dinner, this place is a keeper.


iamthewitch said...

The pork chop really looks huge! I'm like you too, can't stand eating dry rice with fried chicken. Some gravy on the rice would be perfect! I'm just wondering if this is a Taiwanese restaurant? Coz most Taiwanese restaurants serve minced meat and some gravy on their rice?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

iamthewitch: ar yes, forgot to say its a taiwanese place w a little japanese influence here and there. the minced meat and gravy rice is a separate dish by itself, must go give it a try soon.

Sean said...

customizable bento boxes! that'd be nice way to keep coming back and trying a different main dish each time :D

Michelle Chin said...

the taiwanese sausages look darn delicious! I love taiwanese sausages. slightly sweet, smoky and of course, savory. :D

it's not really healthy but i won't mind it once in a blue moon.

Winston said...

Wah this seriously ticks all the boxes for me!! Quick, cheap, filling and DELICIOUS. I've heard so much about Peko Peko but never actually seen pictures of the food until now. Really want to try now! Might grab a few friends along I'm sure we'll have a good time here =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

winston: yeah im looking out for more of this kinda places..cant seem to find a convenient jap one (preferably cooked and served by japs)

mchin: oh well, life is too harsh if you are always eating healthy

sean: knowing you, you might order half the menu at one go!

msihua said...

Ooooo look at that crispy pork chop! So good!!!

AugustDiners said...

omg i miss peko peko! used to go there for a quite lunch as its affordable and love their xian shu ji! Yummay!! Tried to imitate some recipe back home too!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

augustdiners: of course, i should ask u for any more of your favourites you want to share with me?

msihua: yea.. perfect for those days when you want to eat something deep fried!

KY said...

agree that the beef noodle doesn't look too great, but nearby there's the vietnamese area with some really awesome pho. ahh I miss melbourne a bit.

Kelly Siew said...

That pork chop looks exceptional! :D

I too belong to the group that loves 'wet rice' To me rice is just horrible without some kind of sauce or gravy.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kelly: yeah gravy and rice, ar, match made in heaven.

ky: well the prob with going to the viet area is i have to travel through got to wait for weekends.