Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PappaRich @ Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne

Guess what? PappaRich has landed on Melbourne shores. 

For those unfamiliar, PappaRich is all over Malaysia, a place where people hang out and have a quick bite in an air conditioned environment. The concept is pretty simple, they charge more than a hawker stall but less than a western cafe would for a meal and drink. They are everywhere, in suburbs and shopping centres and they open till late. It is one of those places where you can order a variety of Malay, Chinese and Indian under one roof at any time of the day. To me, PappaRich is a bit of a jack of all trades and master of none kind of an eatery.

So when they opened up in Melbourne, I wasn't really keen to join the massive queues until one day the Wife said we had to try. The craving for Malaysian food had obviously got to her.

We took a number, waited 20 minutes and sat down to a familiar looking menu, a menu that actually got me drooling. The drooling continues when you see roti being made fresh on the spot as well.


While latte may be my norm drink on a regular weekend, I can't go past a "cham" if I see one on the menu. A concoction of coffee, tea and condensed milk, this was good or simply a Malaysian who has been deprived of his Malaysian drinks.


If you have to order one item on the menu, it has to be their roti canai, make it the roti telur bawang (or the roti with egg and onions). Freshly made and cooked on order, this was very close to what you can get in Malaysia. Although for Malaysians who convert everything to local currency, you won't be happy to know that a plate of this will set you back $6.50 or a tad under RM20. 


If you have gotten over paying RM20 for a roti telur bawang, my tip for you is to avoid paying over RM30+ for the nasi briyani with fried chicken. The chicken was pre-cooked which meant it didn't come out hot and crispy. The rice was just well rice and the sides of brinjal and prawns didn't do it for me.


The positive is the Ipoh Kuey Teow soup. It's good to know that you can get decent quality rice noodles in this part of town. Paired with chicken and prawn broth, it makes for a nice hot meal especially in the freezing winter we have been experiencing. 

Overall, a good job. Now fingers crossed, if the quality remains as it is, I am sure I will fork out the occasional 6 bucks for a roti telur bawang when the craving hits.

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. It's funny how I wouldn't really pop into a PappaRich in Malaysia but after the roti telur, I am willing to go back again and pay heaps more compared to the prices in Malaysia!


Pureglutton said...

That roti bawang really looks good! I'll know where to go for this the next time I'm in Melbourne and the roti pangs hit! Will go to the one in QV - nearer!

Sem said...
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Winston said...

Oh my... Some good and bad, as expected I guess. I always get a tiny bit "irked" when I see a "New Malaysian" joint open up in Melb and almost have zero interest to go (especially if there's a Q). Unless I've got no choice! Oh my sorry about the negative tone I wonder what turned me so skeptic about Malaysian food in Melb, yikes!! =X But, I think I am still quite hopeful about this place after this post and hearing about some good stuff by them from other ppl. Fingers crossed!

Michelle Chin said...

you should try the open sesame drink. YOU WON'T REGRET IT AT ALL!

although it is pricey if you convert it but since you're earning aud, it won't hurt la...

Baby Sumo said...

The roti canai and ipoh kuey teow look good la! It's reasonably priced if you dont convert it ;P

iamthewitch said...

Oh I know what you mean.. we have a good roti place in Mamak here too, and I usually ignore the price for it because when the craving hits, it just doesn't stop until it's satisfied! I guess we should be lucky that there ARE Malaysian restaurants to satisfy our occasional cravings. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: well i havent given up converting a long time ago..although i should convert, probably might lose a couple of kgs haha

mchin: agreed, for those earning aud, its really another meal, i guess the only ones who will b bothered are the students (or the parents in some cases, imagine father shouting, what you paid rm20 for a roti canai?)

winston: i think i know wat you mean, paying over the odds for self proclaimed authentic food.. well i guess you never try, you never know.

pureglutton: well im sure you can keep the pangs away for awhile, unless of course you plan to stay here long term.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

iamthewitch: i heard alot about mamak, the whole story of 4 uni students training in a malay mamak before coming back to sydney to open up the place. yes, we should thank the lucky stars, bcos we didnt get any in brisbane!

Ciki Pedia said...

I'm shocked that the Kwey Teow soup is good Nips. Imagine going to Pappa R for that over here. Which just goes to show.. YOU need to open shop and SHOW them what real streetfood is .. chis:P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ciki: oh well..actually i just need to import a few mamak guys and we are sorted.

asifbii said...

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