Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Sharing House @ South Wharf, Melbourne

I remember walking past a couple of under construction "boat sheds" on the way to the South Wharf DFO yonks ago. Fast forward however long it has been, the Internet (or the Blogs) tells me that the "boat sheds" have turned into several restaurants.

One weekday night after taking the in laws to visit the infamous Crown Casino (well it is some form of Melbourne attraction, after all) and decided the restaurants in Crown were either too exorbitant in pricing and the casual place not worth eating, I decided to lead them here. It looks like some attempt has been made to pump life into this quiet stretch with the appearance of these restaurants by the waters but overall, still a very quiet and dark place. 

Two restaurants stood out; The Sharing House and Akachochin. Both restaurants uses one entrance but that night we decided to head to the one with the "western" cuisine. 

One of the first things I noticed about the place is the plentiful use of lego in the bar area (you will know what I mean when you see it for yourself). As the name suggests, the menu is all about sharing, with small dishes to large dishes (the pricing is a pretty good guide).


We started off with the battered confit rabbit and cauliflower popcorn served alongside some garlic aioli. I like how creative they tried to be with the use of a paper bag instead of a plate and how you don't know whether you got a piece of rabbit or cauliflower till you put a piece in your mouth. For someone who doesn't particularly like cauliflower, I was happy to pop either piece in my mouth. For the sceptics out there wondering if most of the bag is cauliflower, we are happy to report that there were at least a couple pieces of rabbit in there. 


I had no idea what potted prawns were until this was presented to us. It was basically butter and baby prawns in a pot served with some hot home made crumpets. I wish there was a few more crumpets for the amount of butter we had to go through. Not for the faint hearted.

With the end of our small starters, we proceeded with the heavier items, the 6-7 inch pizzas.



The waitress told us one was just not enough to share between 5, so we ordered two. One with parma ham and one with prawns. Thin crust and fresh ingredients, this was good but not the best we had. 


The duck confit and smoked duck breast seemed more of an individual dish rather than a shared dish. The confit was dry and needed every drop of sauce on the plate to go with it while the breast was nicely cooked. The crunchy potato cubes was a good touch to the dish. For $24 though, this is a value of money main for a small eater. 


The monster 800 gram rib eye (technically a rib eye on the bone) and the bone itself does make a difference of 50-100 grams was the bomb. Cooked to medium rare and rested well, it was served with this awesome peppercorn sauce. For $70 odd, it was quite value for money.


We all read that restaurants are forever thinking of ways to make money such as expensive drinks or leaving the main as bare as possible so you got to order sides. However, the steak came with generous sides of bacon and cabbage and a potato gratin. Kudos for that.


I was outside on the phone when the desserts came but I managed to get a snap on my portion of the deconstructed jaffa. There was a tiny chocolate fondant with an oozy centre despite the small size with an orange sauce, dehydrated orange and jellies! Brilliant end. As for the ice-cream, I had my cone but remember I couldn't taste what the flavour was at all (can't decide whether it was my bad palate or the weak flavour). 

Surprisingly for what we ordered which was I think not too much, it got us all leaving satisfied. Best part, the bill came to under $40 per pax which won't even get you a main in any of the nice restaurants at Crown.  


At the end of the meal, we even got to play with some Lego which bought us all memories to when we were children. Nice touch. 

In terms of food, we definitely see ourselves going back but the obscure location and the quiet and dark surroundings at night might see us visit this place in the day instead.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Now I wonder if their sister Japanese restaurant is as good as this?


iamthewitch said...

Ahh certainly sounds like a nice find! But we don't have a car yet so we most probably won't have the chance to explore dark and quiet places like these in Sydney. :P The duck confit looked good though! I'm biased :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

iamthewitch: well actually this place is quite convenient bcos its like a 2-3 min walk to the tram and the crown casino BUT the pathway to the restaurant is rather dark and quiet.

Baby Sumo said...

Hahaha how come got Lego.. so cute!

If I ordered that parma ham pizza, I'm afraid I would finish the parma ham and leave the rest for Hubby. LOL.

Sean said...

i like the look and sound of the food! i wonder if it's possible for the restaurant to invest in installing pathway lights, so that more customers will feel secure walking here at night :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: i think there are lights but its just that come dark, the walking traffic in this part of town is tiny.. re: the food, im loved the dishes and look fwd to a revisit

babysumo: apparently an obsession of the owner? kids get to play lego during their meal too!

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