Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sapore @ St Kilda, Melbourne

The first thing I did when we received our Entertainment Book was to mark down all the restaurants that were either dishing out "Buy 1 Free 1 offers" or possess the coveted Hat status. After drooling at the sample menus, it was to our delight that we saw Sapore in both of our lists! One hatted restaurant with a buy one free one deal, it must have been our day. 

We were probably going to keep it for a special occasion but came Friday night when both of us were uninspired to dig into the fridge and Sapore being that 5-10 minute drive away, we braved the cold winds of St Kilda beach. 

Parking is quite a nightmare in this area, with most places requiring to pay for parking to the early hours of morning. We found free parking with a 1 hour limit and decided to risk it.

Armed without a reservation, we were surprised that the restaurant wasn't as busy as some have experienced. We sat at the bar for 5 minutes where they got us to obviously order drinks before we sat down to some bread and olives.   


Here bread is served with olive oil, salt and olives. Not complaining at all when it tastes good and is complimentary.

With that 1 hour limit and a conscious budget, we jumped straight to the mains.


The pork belly came with a rather suss looking crackling but despite the looks, it was fabulous. The apple puree, fennel salad and that fried crochette completes the meal but deep down I really wanted some more pork belly but I guess $37 only buys you this much (its a rare breed according to the menu). 


Someone commented to me the other day about how an Italian restaurant should be rated according to how good their tiramisu is. I say before we even arrive to desserts, we should first  try their pasta. Ever since I decided I will not try to make gnocchi at home again, gnocchi has been our first choice pasta when we dine in an Italian restaurant. Today we had a version with a braised rabbit. The sauce was outstanding but we felt the gnocchi was slightly too soft for our liking. 

We looked at our watches after the plates were cleared and sadly our hour was coming to an end. Having to skip desserts pained me but oh well, since it was a buy one free one meal, our one hat restaurant experience together with drinks was slightly above $50. 

Based on our experience, we should be back.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars (just based on our mains). Good Italian food but coming to this part of town at night (hard to find parking) during winter (so freaking cold and strong winds) will be tall ask for me. 


Sean said...

true, i can forgive an italian restaurant for mediocre tiramisu as long as it does a knock-out gnocchi! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: haha and to think gnocchi is meant to be as simple as potato and flour.

Michelle Chin said...

you skip desserts, you save money. :D

Jun said...

faster go try the tiramisu and let us know! so hard to find good, classic tiramisu these days esp when all the "latest", "hottest" restaurants are serving up some deconstructed pomp.

Baby Sumo said...

I just learnt how to make gnocchi the other day from a chef, was surprised how easy it was.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: well from what i read, its basically potato and flour (and an egg i think)..maybe i should read your take on how to make gnocchi.

june: haha yeah i know! well let me see when we will venture to the cold winds of st kilda beach.

mchin: yeah save calories too but somehow the meal doesn't feel quite as complete.

FooDee said...

I feel VERY ripped of by this place.
Went there last night with my wife.

They gave us one bread roll half way through our meal and said the kitchen had ran out.

I ordered the Pork Belly ($37) and what was delivered looked just like your photo, apart from the piece you got had been cut into 3 and I was given one of them.
It was a square and would have measured 3cm x 3cm.

It was only the look on my wifes face that stopped me making a scene. I REALLY wish I had seen your photo before I ordered as I would have pulled it up and beaten the manager to death with my phone.

I can only assume that as well as having no bread rolls left (And these were about the size of a golf ball again NOT like your photo) they were also running out of Pork Belly and decided to make it go further.

I will NEVER visit these bunch of theives again and will make sure everyone I know is aware of what they do.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

foodee: sorry to hear about your visit and if its any consolation they did lose their hatted status. looks like they will need to buck up if they want it back!