Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Coin Laundry @ Armadale, Melbourne

We heard a lot about Coin Laundry and how this breakfast place serves a mean burger. When a recent burger craving struck, there was only one place to go. 

Located in the suburb of Armadale, we fell in love with the immediate surroundings. Posh looking houses and leafy surroundings with the only noise and signs of people belonging to Coin Laundry. With a train station nearby, we wanted to call this street home except for the crazy price tags.

Almost exactly opposite of the surroundings, Coin Laundry was packed and a 10 minute wait suddenly grew to 20 minutes before we were seated. Throughout brunch / lunch, a steady stream of people were patiently waiting outside while others were chit chatting and digging into food / coffee.  


As the name suggests, the venue takes place in a former laundromat and I guess the wall decor is put up there to remind us of the history of the place.


Something a little different, vietnamese iced coffee. What looked like and tasted a bit like condensed milk was not sickeningly sweet but rather toned down, perfect for people who want something really strong.


For those who want their usual cup, the cappuccino was decent too.


Much has been talked about this burger, well actually it was my cousin who sang praise about this and the Wife caught wind of it. So was it worth the wait and the singing? Pretty much. A nice juicy wagyu burger (seriously though, I can't tell the difference between wagyu and non wagyu in a burger) with beetroot relish amongst other things inside made for a brilliant lunch. Shoe string fries with a dosage of spiced salt completes the meal. 


On a lighter note, well light on portion but not on palate is the manchego corn fritters. I was slightly disappointed at the carelessness of the kitchen who happened to brown the fritter beyond brown and conveniently flip it the other way around on the plate. The fritter was on the stodgy side and if not for the scattered corn niblets, you couldn't really tell. The rocket, parsley and guacamole lifts the dish up.

So what we have here is a beautiful surrounding, busy place, a long queue, a kick ass burger and an uncertain breakfast. Sounds like a mix bag but I think we will still be returning, sooner or later.

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Another option out there for breakfast in Melbourne.


Brisbane Devoured said...

I am such a huge burger fan, that one looks delicious. But agree, wagyu/nonwagyu tastes the same. I feel like the word wagyu is a marketing gimmick.

Sean said...

what a fun name and concept. i'm imagining this would be a big hit if it opened in kl :D

Michelle Chin said...

I also cannot tell the difference between wagyu and nonwagyu burger. but when it comes to steak, it is rather obvious!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: maybe i should do a comparison side by side..hmmm

sean: i reckon any independent brunch spot in a nice leafy and cooling area would be a hit

brisbanedevoured: well its only a gimmick if they DIDNT use wagyu otherwise it is technically the truth that they chose to use wagyu mince. either way i wasnt too bothered because the price was decent.

iamthewitch said...

Oh dear I was wondering how come you're reviewing about a Coin Laundry at first! Didn't know it's the name of a cafe! So quirky.. The burger looks fab!!

iamthewitch said...
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Baby Sumo said...

I think they use wagyu trimmings, that's why its hard to tell that it's wagyu burger. I had wagyu meatballs before and they taste the same as regular meatballs but it just feels "posh" and "nice" to be eating it LOL

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: i wouldnt expect them to use premium parts of the wagyu!

iamthewitch: you will find many more funkier names around town

Agnes said...

Love that wall decoration - so cute!

I can't tell the diff between waygu & non-waygu in burgers either. I wonder if there's actually any point when it's all minced up.