Thursday, April 12, 2012

Deadman Espresso @ South Melbourne

We learn something new every time we venture down to South Melbourne, one of the neighbouring suburbs to where we stay. Already the source of groceries (Coles and the South Melbourne Market), coffee (St Ali), quick dinner meals (Garamerica, Sweet Lemon Thai and Hunky Dory), the list continues to grow as we visited Deadman Espresso, yet another place for brunch and coffee in the vicinity. 

Famous for their interpretation of BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato for those who hate abbreviations), we headed there one Sunday for a late brunch (meaning eating breakfast at lunch time). 


Their latte comes with an unusual thick layer of milk foam, probably double of what you usually get. Their aero press fared slightly better.


On to the their interpretation of the BLT. The Bacon is substituted for a double cooked pork belly strip (think braised then deep fried), the Lettuce becomes a spinach puree thats more of a bland pesto and the Tomato comes in the form of a gazpacho. Love the combination but I was taught by my friend that the sandwich has to be dunked into the gazpacho shot before going into your mouth which is sounds easy but freaking hard to do. The combination of soft flimsy bread  and a small shot glass means they might want to educate their customers how best to eat it.  In the end, I sort of left the gazpacho alone till the end and sort of sipped it while taking a bite of the melt in your mouth belly meat. 


Our eyes opened wide when they mentioned their omelette had blue cheese in it. However what we found in it was more silver beet than anything else. The pungent cheese was nowhere to be seen or tasted. We almost felt cheated. Honestly, one would only order blue cheese if one loves it, so give plenty please. 

Overall, we had reasons to be disappointed especially what has been said about their signature dish. However, its only a 5 minute drive and we can overlook that if we are craving for a pork belly sandwich.

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Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars. Apart from the pork belly sandwich (seriously, its nowhere near a BLT), I can't see why we would come back except if we were lazy to drive any further than South Melbourne.


JH said...

I absolutely miss Clarendon St and South Melbourne. There was an Italian cafe (opposite Coles) that had wicked muffins!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jh: oh really? i must keep an eye for this cafe!

Michelle Chin said...

you love blue cheese? :D it's pretty pungent, imo

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: well just not the uber pungent ones..and definitely not the goat cheese we had once at sage.

raDfooD said...

Oh no! So sad to hear you were disappointed, I loved it there. Maybe it depends on what you order and what you're expecting. I seriously recommend the Dead Man's big breakfast and the Ocean trout I had off the specials menu.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

radfood: oh well..good to hear you guys enjoyed your food..if everyone was happy, the place would be too packed and it would b too hard to get a seat! anyways thanks for the tip, bcos its so nearby, we might make a re-visit.

Kenny Mah said...

Hmm, I was hoping for more, really. Some of my Melbourne-returning pals in KL had told good things about Deadman. Maybe just a bad day for them?

msihua said...

Really You didn't like it? It was soooo good :) ALSO YOU must order the potato rosti.. it's the best!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

msihua: well i didnt go goo goo ga ga over it esp let down by the weak blue cheese omelette.. well i guess i got the rosti to go back for then..

kenny: well as a stand alone breakfast place its pretty alright but we had better in recent times (or maybe we r suffering from that jaded tongue after one too many brunches)