Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cafe Bisqui @ Flinders Street

Coffee has always been quite important to me, especially at the start of a working day. I still remember starting work in my first company back in Malaysia, where we will takeaway ice coffee from the indian / mamak stall which was strong, sweet and even came with foam on some days. A cup would set me back RM2 or A$0.70. When we moved office, we were greeted with the usual Coffee Bean, Starbucks and Gloria Jeans. It got expensive and my coffee habit was reduced to 1-2 a week rather than 1 a day because a cup would set me back RM10 or A$3.30.

Then in my first job in Brisbane, I would stop by one of the better coffee places on the way to work to pick up a coffee everyday and paying dollar for dollar, 4 dollars for a cup seems not overly exorbitant.

Back to Melbourne, I had been trying out coffees around my office, some are slightly out of the way while others are on the way from the tram stop I get off at. After a week or two, I found a quaint little cafe by the name of Bisqui and that was it, I have been visiting them every day for the last couple of weeks. 

Apart from the house blend which tastes pretty good, they also do a single origin that changes every other week. Unlike some places, the single origin doesn't come at a premium price and remains at $3.50 for a regular. If you are a regular, you can sign up for their "reward program" which basically gets you a free coffee after 8 coffees. I am still confused as to why they don't just print cards and get it stamped like traditionalists would do but how it works is you give them your name when you order and they keep records of it in their iPad, oh well. 

We also had an opportunity to try their ham and cheese croissant which was lovely and sufficient for a quick bite before work but back to the coffee, it is well made and consistent, enough to keep me going for the day. 

Did I mention the friendly service too? Nothing like a cheerful and smiling barista / waitress to greet you in the morning.


I realise that this might not be the best of pictures, especially since he isn't looking too happy but oh well.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Good coffee, on the way to work, friendly service, nothing else I need to kick start my day.


Sean said...

i can imagine the barista/waiter with a smile, definitely! :D hmmm, i just realized that i drink coffee maybe only once or twice a week, so my monthly bill for lattes, etc is less than RM100. it could be an expensive habit to drink daily! =)

Michelle Chin said...

I pass by this place quite often!! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: drop by, they are really friendly and quite a decent coffee.

sean: yeah mine is works up to be 60-70 dollars considering the "free cup" i get once in a a while and how many working days there is in a month. the same habit in msia, would leave me broke!