Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dukes Coffee @ Chapel Street, Prahran

The quest for good coffee continues. 

I am glad to report that I have finally found a coffee place on the way to work that suits the taste buds and it helps when the service is warm and friendly. Will talk about that another time.

Meanwhile, Saturdays are all about finding breakfast spots with good coffee while Sundays are about looking for a place to have a quick coffee and a read of the newspaper. 

I am not sure if we are different from other couples but there is only so much you can talk with your other half and by now I think we have exhausted every single childhood story that comes to mind. That being said, we love the company of each other and there's nothing better than sitting next to each other and reading different sections of the Australian Financial Review (quite serious, we know). 

It looks like Dukes Coffee can sit either in our Saturday or Sunday category. It has quite a decent menu but they were happy to serve us just coffees and let us sit in a corner of the communal table. 

There's nothing more comforting to know that your coffee is made by serious people and by what means do I define serious? When they roast their own beans on site. While the place might be look to be where pretentious people meet, I don't really care unless there's a sign that says "uncool people not allowed". 


This was a pretty good coffee and deserving of their reputation. I can't say its the best and as a matter of fact, I can't seem to differentiate which is the best. However I can say which I prefer though. 

In writing this, I remember hearing on the radio about how a famous barista did a blind tasting of instant coffee and thought it was some indonesian variant because of its acidity. So really, can you tell who serves the best coffee? 


They seem to have used a different blend for their iced coffee, a rather acidic and citrus one based on the lingering taste in the mouth. Rather refreshing I must say since it was pretty damn hot outside.

Chapel Street isn't exactly the most quiet of streets in Melbourne and Dukes Coffee isn't quiet too and is actually rather packed. However if you want give them a go, a lot of the side lanes offer 1 hour parking which is long enough to catch a coffee and read a couple of pages. 

Will give them a revisit soon enough.

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Verdict: I think the coffee deserves the 4 out of 5 stars. 


Michelle Chin said...

Too far from me. :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: well theres a train station nearby, is there one at your area?