Friday, January 27, 2012

Sydney Fish Market @ Sydney

To those still celebrating Chinese New Year, I hope its been fun.

To those who got the day off on Australia Day, I am pretty sure you are either like me, stoning in front of your office laptop or still on holiday.

Anyways, I have been busily snapping photos of food we have been eating in Melbourne and hopefully soon enough I can actually download them onto my computer and start blogging about them.

Meanwhile, one more stop in Sydney.

We arrived in Sydney mid afternoon and with a couple of hours to burn before our host finished work, the Wife suggested we go to the Sydney Fish Market.  


With 30 minutes before it closed, we walked in and my eyes opened wide. The amount of fresh seafood available and the cheaper prices is a far cry to what we use to get in Brisbane. For example a coral trout in an upmarket supermarket will cost you in the region of AUD50 a kg and most places charging you between AUD30-35 a kg. Guess what, its only AUD27 a kg in Sydney!


Despite dinner being 2-3 hours away, I couldn't resist and we ordered a couple of items to snack on.


Abalone sashimi, thats a first for us. It was sweet and crunchy, very nice to eat texturally but got a bit boring after a few bites.


Somehow the oysters didn't taste all that fresh or either that it wasn't exactly the top grade ones that we got. Either way its been a while since we had some so we were happily popping them in our mouth with a squeeze of lemon. 


The yabbies were awesome though. Similar to the ama ebi you get in Japanese cuisine, the meat was so sweet and juicy. The problem is one prawn doesn't really have that much meat but weighs a lot since you pay by the gram. A prawn probably cost me AUD 5. 

Overall I am happy to have finally visited an "icon" in Sydney and although we must have picked up some seafood that was probably lying around for a couple of hours, it was still pretty good. 

The best part? Our friend said you can get even cheaper seafood elsewhere in Sydney! 

Fingers crossed, let me find good seafood in Melbourne!


Bangsar-bAbE said...

AUD5 for one prawn? That's too expensive!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bbabe: well i think jap restaurants charge more than that for 1 pc of ama ebi sushi though =)

Michelle Chin said...

I love this place loads. :) Lots of things to see and drool upon!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: yeah i know!

Peter Rentals said...
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eiling lim said...

arrgghhh i missed the Sydney Fish Market so much!!