Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Medusa Dining @ Paddington, Brisbane

I heard about Medusa a while ago from a fellow blogger, summarised as a nice place with whimsy and modern cuisine, foams and all too. It took us a voucher from Living Social to finally make our way there last week, venturing into Bardon, an area I actually haven't gone before!

The place looks classy but out of place in a block of shops which has Dominoes 2 doors away and a supermarket around the corner. However with all glass on 3 sides of the wall, you have one of the nicer views of the city skyline, making a good place to hold a function.

The deal that night was a 7 course degustation for two with 2 glasses of moscato for AUD 89, supposedly with a value of AUD230. However I consider myself a seasoned user of group buying websites and you learn to take the values with a pinch of salt. 

Service was switched between an elderly Asian man and a young waitress. Attentive but we could have done with a bit more patience when describing dishes. The man was quick and I could barely catch more than 2 words while the girl was quite soft and I couldn't hear more than a word or two. 


We were served a "surprise" from the chef, I am guessing the word is meant to be amuse bouche. However not catching what it was, it got us guessing and guessing. With a texture that was like tuna / beef, it was nothing too spectacular.


The first course was a salmon sashimi with a bed of salad, pineapple bits and pineapple emulsion. Slightly too sweet and lacking a bit of acidity to balance it. However as a first course, it was quite generous in portion. 


Jamon Serrano with blood sausage dust and assorted mushrooms. Nothing wrong except we would have appreciated more bread for this or something sweet to balance out the saltiness.


The Chicken Breast was cooked to perfection, probably sous vide because it was so moist. Sitting on a bed of pumpkin puree, we started to see similar garnishing; the pineapple bits from the first course and the mushrooms from the second course. We loved this dish.


The garnishing repeats itself once again, the pineapple bits and the mushrooms appears in another role. There was nothing wrong with the carpaccio but nothing sparkled in the dish (including the quail egg). I would have also preferred this dish before the chicken for a better continuity. 


The second and last hot dish of the night, the star of the night too; the pork belly. The sweet glaze, crispy crackling and melt in your mouth meat, oh why is the portion so small? What seemed like a weird combo, there was yoghurt with passionfruit along with a piece of sweet potato and a poached pear. 


The cheese course was a small piece of soft cheese from Lyon. I could have easily finished that slice on my own but we had to share, boo. 


Luckily we had a dessert each and got a pretty good rendition of the traditional indonesian layer cake paired with a scrumptious creamy butterscotch ice-cream. We loved this dish. 

Was it worth AUD 89? Yes but could it have really cost me AUD 230? I don't think so. There were a number of recycled garnishes, only 2 hot dishes and small protein portions. 

The plating was exciting at times but I didn't get the same impression that my fellow blogger had when they first visited the place. Turns out the head chef has already jumped ship to another restaurant but I guess not all is bad because there's plenty of potential from what we saw that night. 

A pity we won't have the chance to return again.

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Brilliant view, good food but missing the extra edge on some of the dishes to be a shining star.


msihua said...

For $89? Wow.. that is really quite on the pricey side.. but if the $230 is anything to go buy, they better be serving foie gras and caviar in their dishes! Lol

Michelle Chin said...

200 aud plus for this is pricey

Baby Sumo said...

I guess $89 for two is pretty reasonable. The dishes dont look too shabby.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

msihua: well its 89 for two people so its only aud 45 per pax so I wont say its out of this world expensive, 45 buys you a single main at a nice restaurant.

mchin: for 230 which is 115aud per pax would be definitely expensive for what we been served. we paid that kinda amount in restaurant two and at least we go lamb, scallops, duck n etc etc.

daphne said...

That's pretty steep (if paying full price) but then again, that is a lot of food. but sounds like it was "reasonable" just not fantastic.

London said...
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CUMI & CIKI said...

Just got back from Oz and I have learnt never to convert.. so yeah, the 80 something price tag was worth it! :)
sounds like the first part of the meal was rather imbalanced but the second half was OK. with a name like Medusa, I would def be tempted to visit anyway! haha
(u didnt turn to stone hor)

London said...
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