Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MOS Burger @ Sunnybank, Brisbane

There's something about MOS burgers and I.

Although I can't remember the days when they were in Malaysia, I do remember asking my friend to fetch me to a place that sells some when I was down in Singapore and not to mention grabbing a couple of them at the subway stations in Taipei as a snack. 

Its the same urge as wanting to eat McDonalds overseas so you can have a pork patty in it because the ones in Malaysia are pork free. 

So it surprised me that it took me so long to visit them (considering they have been open since April this year). 


After the initial rush of patrons when they first opened, the place was considerably much quiet on a Friday night with plenty of seats. With MOS burgers, your first choice is to go for the rice burgers, after all that is one of the key differences between them and the other fast food options.

Instead of bread, you get rice, not to mention a variety of asian fillings. 


Despite all that, the Wife chose the Fish Fillet Burger. Familiar? Think Fillet o Fish. Yeah, that one, looks the same, tastes the same but not the same. 


There was no way I was going to order anything but a rice burger. The okonomiyaki rice burger was delicious. With bonito flakes, familiar sauce and all, the only complaint is size. Looking to fill yourself? You need two. The other rice burger had the familiar filling of beef slices but be warned, it get can a bit stringy causing a bit of a mess. 

Prices are average, around the AUD10 mark if you have 2 burgers only or alternatively a burger set with drink and chips.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. I am biased, always loved MOS and will always love MOS.


Sean said...

gosh, looks like MOS is thriving in so many other countries EXCEPT malaysia. when will it come back to KL? when?!? :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: if only one of the bigger players out there would approach for a

Brisbane Devoured said...

that okonomiyaki one must be a new addition.. will have to go back.. although i do like the wagyu with cheese burger

babe_kl said...

*JEALOUS* I so missed my MOS burger :(

ai wei said...

i miss MOS too! had it once in SG and gone crazy about their stuff!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ai wei: haha yeah i guess its the "i cant have it so i want it badly" mentality.

babekl: haha well, we still need to drive 20 mins to get some.

brisbanedevoured: yeah i believe it could be a new item on the menu, along with kimchi pork which my korean friend didnt exactly enjoy in a bun.

minchow said...

Another one-up Brisbane has over KL! BOOHOO! We suck, we really suck! :-(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

minchow: another fact, the outlet in brisbane is the first MOS australian outlet! we beat sydney and melb!