Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hancook @ Annerley Road, Brisbane

It appears that all these Korean / Japanese newspapers you see by the entrance of the Asian grocery stores is pretty useful. Apart from giving that feeling of home to the koreans or the japanese, it is an advertising haven that shows you where the latest asian restaurants are opening at. My friend being one of them must take a copy whenever he does his grocery shopping. 

While Hancook is not exactly new (this is when the newspaper comes handy), my friend told me a new chef had taken the helm of the kitchen and the food has improved tremendously. One to always get a bite of asian food, we took his word and decided to dine there (with him, of course).


Before we started the meal, we were giving a round flat disc which pops up into a towel when water is poured on them. Ingenious! If only luggage on holiday could shrink with such technology.  


The beginning of every korean meal is their side dishes or known as ban chan. While I am used to seeing mountains of these dishes, Hancook serves three including the absolute essential kim chi. 


One of the bigger reasons for eating korean that night was for some bosam or a braised pork belly. Apparently as easy as it sounds or look, my korean friend says this method of cooking involves tying up the meat, a few rounds of braising and other funky procedures which results in almost no oil dripping from the sliced meat (despite the layer of fat). Eaten as is with an oyster kim chi or if you prefer wrapped with lettuce, the portion was generous. Tastewise, I had a better one at Maru but this was not shabby at all. 


We thought no way 3 of us would be satisfied with order one plate of Bosam so I tasked my friend to choose a hotpot. Despite how "unkorean" this looked and sound, it is quite a staple diet in Korea. Kim chi soup with luncheon meat, sausages, cheese along with noodles and dumplings. I actually loved it, I mean who doesn't love to sneak in a meal of processed meat?

Prices are also much cheaper in some ways when you look at the huge portions with us paying around AUD20 per pax.

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Not the best in town but certainly one of the best I have tried to date.


Michelle Chin said...

I want some bosam now!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: well i feel like having some again this weekdend!