Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moo Moo The Wine Bar & Grill @ Brisbane

The farewell of a recent friend who decided that her next destination was Melbourne called for a good meal. With the Entertainment Book not being utilised enough, i flipped the book again and decided we were going to have some good steak at Moo Moo. 

A year ago, I told myself that there was no point in eating steak outside. I could easily buy a nice cut of Wagyu Ribeye for AUD 25 that would cost me 3-4 times more to eat it outside. With plenty of practice, I could usually nail the meat the way I like it to be; medium rare. However, something will always be lacking and its that charcoal grill that the restaurants get to use and I must admit another reason why we chose Moo Moos was I secretly want to eat steak outside again. 

With a restaurant that builds its concept around the Cow, you are greeted with a fridge of meat at the entrance that gets you thinking of which cut and area should be on your plate. In fact it should never cross your mind that you should order something non Beef in this restaurant.


The amuse bouche was a Wagyu meat ball. Not the most creative of starts and lets be honest, no one takes a good cut of Wagyu to make items like meat balls unless its a cut no one wants or its past its prime. Nevertheless, a good bite to start things off. 

Something that irritates me though is that in a fine dining restaurant or a restaurant of this class, why is bread not complimentary but instead as an item on the appetiser list, furthermore at 4 dollars per pax?

With a student amongst the crowd, we were conscious on costs, so we skipped past the appetisers and got straight onto the mains.


I don't think I have ever tried dried age beef, always cooking fresh cuts. First impression is that the beef is less juicy and the redness of the meat does look a bit more cooked than medium rare. Flavourwise, it was pack a punch. The Moo Moo In House Dry Aged Black Angus Ribeye on the Bone was a good choice for me. However, for 400 grams, it did look a tad smaller on the plate. 

The other steaks we had that night include AACO Wagyu, the Stockland Wagyu and the Cape Grim. From Striploin, Sirloin and Tenderloin, everyone was happy with their steaks. The same problem with one of the Wagyu was again the size. At 300 grams, we expected a thickness worthy of cutting into, but we got a really thin cut instead. 

As you can see, it is served with a simple roast tomato and half a lemon, so it called for some worthy sides.


A pear, parmesan and rocket salad, some roast potatoes with chorizo and some onion rings (picture below) completed the meal. All very worthy of ordering and we were loving it. Amongst the long list, the truffle mash potatoes was also very tempting. 


We didn't stay for dessert, opting to have a scoop of gelati at Rosalie but we were "warned" that it was a huge mistake to not order their signature chocolate brownie. Maybe next time.

With the Entertainment Card discount, the final price of around AUD70 per pax including what turned out to be a decent Shiraz (with a markup of almost 250%) is not too bad considering I can never replicate the meal without a proper charcoal grill. 

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. With no price advantage the next time we visit, I am told Cha Cha Char is another worthy rival of this place, so it might be a while before I save enough money in the piggy bank to try that one and come back to Moo Moo.


Michelle Chin said...

the meat looks nicely caramelized. :)

Baby Sumo said...

Lol what would be a decent serving of beef for you? 700g?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: 400 gms for a ribeye on the bone is usually enough for me (+/- 100gms for bone) but it looks abit smaller than the same portions i buy n cook myself.

mchin: yeap!

cleo said...

Some unique creations prepared by really good chefs.Looks awesome!

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Winston said...

I haven't had dry aged beef in a long time, I really should eat some again soon! Everything you ordered here looks fantastic. I especially like how you were considerate for that one student in the group, I'm sure he/she really appreciated it. Loving the reviews in your blog!! =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

winston: im pretty sure u can get hold of some in melbourne!

CUMI & CIKI said...

making ppl pay for bread is bad! And looks like they neglected the sides with the wagyu not good..
Anyway, yeah think best best is to stay in and make your own if you can over look the lack of "chargrill" aroma lor;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: haha yeah not paying for bread! with the sides, its pretty similar with Prime, got to pay for your own sides.