Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grub Street @ Samford Road, Brisbane

Having stayed in Brisbane for almost a year an heavily relying on the GPS, we ventured up North again looking for some inspiring breakfast. 

Now unlike an encyclopedia of bloggers in Malaysia where you are updated of every single new place, the place to be and the place to avoid, there aren't too many sources to rely upon. After reading the piece from Couriermail on their top 10 or 12 breakfast spots to visit in Brisbane, we decided to venture North again.

After exploring this part of town where we found Elixir HQ , we decided we will head back to the area and find Grub Street. 

Funny of the day: Although I keep referring to this part of town as a new playground to me, it was only last weekend that I realised Chermside, one of the bigger if not the biggest shopping centre where we waste our hours during the weekends was also up North! So the North is not exactly new to me!

Back to Grub Street. You are greeted in the front door where the open kitchen is and obviously where all the good smell comes from too. Fortunately the dining area is in another room, so that you don't end up smelling like bacon and eggs.


While coffee isn't as refined as some I have been drinking lately, it is still a decent latte that would not fall out of place in Australia. 


I ordered the Asian Pulled Pork Omelette with chilli jam, herb salad & black vinegar dressing which sounded like the item to inspire me to go searching for more breakfast places once again. It did not fail me with the similar flavours of a good char kuey teow (minus the kueh teow). While the pulled pork was slightly dry, the result from getting the lean bits, the rest of the dish was flawless. The result from probably an inspiration from South East Asia that was done with enough integrity, if only i can bring in some blanched kuey teow with me. The chili jam was more of a spicy sambal, so an excellent condiment.


The Haloumi & zuchinni fritters with poached eggs, spinach, za'atar & smoky eggplant was much lighter than my heavy omelette. The fritters were crispy and had a good bite, dipped with the egg yolk and smoky eggplant. I question whether a piece of bread would have been good to mop up any liquid yolk and dip but it seems like it was more than enough for the Wife. 


The sweet tooth struck again with the choice going to a rhubarb and apple muffin if I remember correctly, not overly sweet, nice chunky pieces of rhubarb and apple, it made for the perfect end.

The place seems more cozier and friendlier, without so much the "snobbish" or "classy" feeling you get in places closer to the city. A place that I would like to come back again since they also change their menu quite regularly.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. The breakfast place that perked up the taste buds, can't wait to find another new breakfast place instead of resorting to stuffing myself silly with dim sum.


Sean said...

wow, an omelet recipe that tastes like CKT?! sounds super-delicious! wonder if the creators of the recipe were actually inspired by CKT, or maybe it's just a coincidence...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: i don't know but it does taste pretty close or maybe i just miss my char kuey teow too much.