Friday, September 30, 2011

Burger Urge @ New Farm, Brisbane

Someone commented on the blog recently to ask me to give Burger Urge a go after seeing how happy I was with my simple burger and fries at Grill'd. 

It could not have been a better time as soon after I spotted a deal at one of the group buying sites; 2 burgers and fries for AUD 17 (50%)! 

Needless to say I bought it and finally took us a couple of weeks before we found time to try the burgers and fries.

With two destinations, both decently nearby our place, we voted to go to the one at New Farm. Not the biggest of places and with an open kitchen that has alot of grilling and deep frying involved, try your best not to sit inside or do a takeaway like most people seem to be doing. 


We went in a group of 7-8 so the only choice was the long table inside.


The verdict on the burgers? I think Burger Urge gets top marks in terms of the different burgers on the menu. Very creative with some of the items compared to the Grill'd menu which got a bit boring when we went back on a monthly basis. The premium Wagyu Burger with blue cheese cost me an additional AUD 2 with the voucher was a good choice. The blue cheese wasn't overpowering and to be honest, in a burger, you can't really taste wagyu over normal beef.   

Another thing, the portions look bigger than Grill'd.


The someone told me that the sweet potato fries were to die for as well but it was a hit and miss for me. It is special since its sweet potato, healthier since it is sweet potato but felt slightly too soggy and not crunchy probably because it is sweet potato. In this respect, I still think the regular fries at Grill'd wins but you may think otherwise.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Grill'd, I suggest Burger Urge, similar prices, similar concept but different combinations. The only let down is probably the open kitchen and the lack of seating in the New Farm outlet.

Address and contact details:

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Good sized burgers and the option of sweet potato fries that appears to drive some people nuts about them.


Michelle Chin said...

the fries look pretty dark.... were they over fried or something or is it like this?

Sean said...

burger urge! catchy name! i just looked at their online menu, and their burgers have cool names too, like 'ali baba and the 40 fiends' :D

babe_kl said...

I've eaten sweet potato fries before and it's really great. perhaps they've been fried in a wrong temperature or have been sitting there for a while?

Baby Sumo said...

It's a waste to use wagyu in a burger. :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: im pretty sure whatever "wagyu" in the burger is of a cut not up to scratch for cooking as is.

babekl: well i baked a batch that day and it does blister with black spots and it does get a bit limpy, possibly from the oil.

sean: someone should replicate this back in msia.!

mchin: i thought it stayed too long in the fryer but it does appear to blister from a batch i baked yesterday.

eatnownownow said...

Yay! :) Somehow, every time I end up there, I automatically order the lamb and haloumi burger. Then I take a bite and remember exactly why I do that, haha!

Anyway, have you seen this? I want to try the one in Riverhills! :) It'd be silly of me not to since I live nearby. Not sure about how much I'd love 'char' on my burger though, since that seems to rate highly with the reviewer.