Friday, August 26, 2011

Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters @ Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Just a quick one to round up the week; looking for a place where they treat coffee seriously? It looks like I have found another gem, this time rather nearby my place. Barely a couple of minutes drive away, I initially hesitated to give this a go, since the address was in the Valley, because the Valley has always been known to be dodgy and the lack of parking. 

Thankfully the half dome that houses this aromatic place is on Warry Street, the quieter side of the Valley during the day, with a number of side parking.  

You know when the place is serious about their coffee if you see that:

1. They roast their own beans
2. If they serve their coffee done as a double ristretto (as standard) 

Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters does both.


It was a rather quiet place for a Saturday morning, with the more famous breakfast places probably packed to the brim. A reason could be down to their rather simple breakfast menu and it being a place for some serious coffee. Fine by me, I never did like crowds, where possible and I really care more about coffee since my palate is still jaded from the same old poached eggs, bacon, hash and etc. 


Their coffee is up there with some of the nicer coffees I had in Brisbane, the double shot has a decent oomph and matter of fact, the Wife found it too strong for her. 


Our light breakfast options included an almond croissant which was half decent, not as good as let's say Le Bon Choix or Choquette but good enough for AUD3.50.


Their famous Brekky Buger which appears to be synonymous with the place is a simple bacon, egg, cheese and a bit of aioli. Definitely more posh than the breakfast muffin you get at the fast food joints.

If you are looking for some serious coffee and don't really care for an elaborate breakfast, this is the place to go; added bonus since this is so near my place.

Address and contact details:

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. I will be back again.

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Michelle Chin said...

reminds me a little of seven seeds!