Friday, August 12, 2011

Glamorous Wok @ Sunnybank, Brisbane

Eating in a big group is especially fun when you are trying out a new place; technically the best time that I can sample as many dishes without coming back the second or third time. However, have you ever faced a dilemma as to who should do the ordering or what should be ordered? 

Usually, I do the ordering after asking what are the must haves and the don't wants around the table. That night, I decided I become diplomatic and got everyone to choose a dish. Whether that was such a good idea, lets take a look at what we were up to at Glamorous Wok, a new Taiwanese restaurant in town, a place you can't get a table at without a booking. 


Similar to the concept we get in the shopping centres of Kuala Lumpur, the place feels fresh, new and modern with a colour printed menu (with a number of spelling errors). Compared to the dated places that has already been around for donkey years, it appeals in that sense. 


One of the must have dishes when it is available is the simple poached chicken. This was done quite well but with such a long period between eating it and writing about it, the taste of it has become quite a blur. However, I do know that this was one of the better dishes that night. 


The problem lies when you let each person dictate what they want to eat is allowing someone to order the above. The pig intestines were cooked in a gingery soup, which doesn't sound the most palatable dish and also tasted in the same manner. Despite the strong ginger, the slightly foul flavour from the intestines was still obvious, rendering this dish only for the serious offal fan.


I like variety, including meats but another problem with letting everyone choose a dish, is a replication of meats. However that may not be a bad thing as the three cup chicken with stick sweet sauce and basil leaves was a good choice too. Probably one of the most authentic versions I had in Brisbane so far.


The bean curd has a silky thick corn starch sauce with a topping of minced fish meat. This was one of the better dishes, calm and mild, and I must say a genius idea to put it on individual spoons.


A very disappointing dish; on paper it sounded brilliant; salted egg yolks and bitter gourd. While we all had in mind something that was stir fried, it came in a pool of sauce that was frankly quite putting off. 


With a roller coaster of a food experience, we ended with a high, the beans looked deep fried and tossed with minced meat. Like I have always said before, anything deep fried is always healthy. 

Fast forward a month or two, we recently popped back to the restaurant but was faced with a full house, so clearly they are doing something right. It might be worthwhile to pop by again to see if the dishes are more consistent or a case of knowing what to order.

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Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars. Not the best meal that night unfortunately, but there is certainly some potential with some dishes and the constant crowd.


msihua said...

I cannot get over the fact that this place named itself Glamarous Wok.. ahahha.. the song from Fergie keeps playing in my head now!

Michelle Chin said...

the foul tase would even offend the serious offal fan like me. offals only taste good if they are done well.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: yeah not my cup of tea.

msihua: im trying very hard to go thru my music collection to find that song! haha.