Monday, August 15, 2011

Corner Store Cafe @ Toowong, Brisbane

As the search for the best breakfast place continues, the journey that weekend took us to Corner Store Cafe. Being in Toowong raised some eyebrows as the area is usually filled with students and flats.  

With no competition in tow, it should be no surprise that we were greeted with plenty of parked cars surrounding what was otherwise a quiet residential area. Walk towards the cafe and you will be greeted with a huge crowd of guests waiting in line. Bookings are a must if you want to get a sniff of the breakfast served. 

A large open area greeted us, plenty of sunlight and with the winter wind, it was comfortable enough to eat outside with a warm coffee. Not my kind of place though if it is hot and humid.

The breakfast menu is largely standard and that day the Wife was exceptionally uninspired and ordered toast, poached eggs and chorizo.


Exactly what she got. The poached eggs were done pretty well but apart from that, it is as standard as breakfast meals can get.


This couldn't have been a better time to jot down what I thought of the Croque Madame, having had one at PourBoy this morning. Comparing to the latter, this was very satisfying, lots of cheese, bechamel sauce, generous slices of ham and the fried egg takes the spot. If yo want something much lighter and healthier, PourBoy has a version with a poached egg and djion mayonnaise.  


The table was booked for 10am but just in case the crowd doesn't make you feel bad for staying too long, the next booking is clearly displayed on the table to let you know when you need to leave. 

Overall another breakfast spot, a huge crowd, standard breakfast fare but on a nice cooling day, sitting outside is a nice change. As expected, a huge crowd also means a long waiting time. 

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. It be the perfect place if it wasn't too crowded and service was that little bit faster. 


Michelle Chin said...

are those pickles?? the one with the croque madame?

msihua said...

You so need to come down to Melbourne for a good breakfast :)

123george said...

They prepare so delicious breakfast there.One of my favourite places!

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"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

123george: glad you like it!

msihua: haha i think my tastebuds for breakfast is jaded, need a break and need a really inspired menu.

mchin: yeah cuts through the heavy sandwich in a split second.