Monday, August 22, 2011

Azuma Kushiyaki @ Sydney

Two weeks ago, work took me to Sydney for a day. Having stayed in Brisbane for almost a year by now, I guess it was a bit of a shock to be suddenly in a CBD that must be at least 2-3 times bigger than Brisbane.  

To put things into perspective; to walk from 225 George Street to 501 George Street in Brisbane, it is a 450 metre 5-6 minute walk compared to a 1.3km walk in Sydney on the same street. Without forgetting the size, there were probably twice or three times the amount of people and pollution on the same street.

I find it funny that being a city boy after living in one for majority of my life, I found myself rather lost in Sydney.

However, with so much food in every nook and corner, I guess that's a big plus point if work was to ever take me up there.

So back to food, with enough time to slot dinner in with two old friends which dates back to my university days, I fumbled around reviews to find a place that was close enough and chanced upon Azuma Kushiyaki, a place that apparently Tetsuya the man himself, enjoys dining in. 

With a friend that was on "diet", we ordered some healthier dishes accompanied with a rather good white wine. 

We started off with an assortment of sashimi but truth to be told apart, from the freshness, I was looking for slightly more variety apart from the staple salmon, tuna and hamachi. 


The famous seared Tuna salad fared much better, seared tuna with a dressing that was so yummy that I would have mopped it up with bread if I was in an Italian restaurant. Alot of "umami" as some would describe.


In keeping with the healthy direction of my friend's diet, we ordered an assorted platter of sushi that had the prerequisites. Hand made with small little balls of rice versus large blocks in machine made ones, this was quite standard fare but tasted good.  


I love a good miso eggplant or Nasu Dengaku, having failed miserably in numerous attempts to make this, I have resorted to ordering this whenever I can. Despite the miso topping tasting absolutely fabulous, the eggplant was soaked in oil, evident from a nudge of the chopsticks.  


Unagi Yanagawa would have been perfect with some rice but by now, the wine had kicked in and we were laughing over stuff we did yonks ago and had it as is. Perfect for the cool weather though especially that night when i was down. 


With Kushiyaki part of the restaurant's name, I would be foolish not to sneak in these grilled sticks into our meal. Part of the assorted selection we got was a wagyu steak, wagyu tongue, chicken teriyaki, duck, okra, prawn and scallop. I wasn't incredibly impressed with the over seasoning which made bits and pieces rather salty, the overcooked scallops and a rather unpleasant duck. 

Despite the ups and downs, this is a nice laid back restaurant that serves some good old classic dishes and is right smack in the CBD (a rather big CBD though) and I guess for Sydney standards, paying AUD 60 including wine is expected. 

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Not exactly very impressed but still very decent for a meal of Japanese. 


Sean said...

the grilled sticks actually look very good (meaty and plump and well-presented). surprising to read that they weren't up to mark... :D

eiling lim said...

love the colours of your sushi and sashimi. they looked great!

msihua said...

Aww.. you didn't order the SBS special!! That was delicious!!

Baby Sumo said...

The unagi yanakawa in the photo looks good. I've only had it once in KL and it was too watery and a disappointment.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: too watery? thats sounds rather unpleasant.

msihua: wasnt that the tuna salad??? that was good i admit!

eiling: well with a sydney fish market around the corner, thats the least they can do!

sean: some were good, some not so good, a pity though.

Niki said...

I must stop looking at such wonderful photos of meals because get very very hungry!

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"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

niki: haha does that mean you wont come back to visit?