Monday, July 11, 2011

Sushi Kotobuki @ Lytton Road, Brisbane

After my last entry, I thought that was it; this week is the time for some serious food blogging after a break. Instead I found myself floating in an abyss of work (my standards, at least), without any time to even think of logging onto Blogger and start a post. It doesn't help that I haven't even found time to upload pictures from the iPhone, probably the most trustworthy machine I am using for my food blog (I can hear the screams and gasps from the people who know me from my DSLR days).

As Sunday closes to an end, I finally find myself some time, to pen some thoughts before I let another week drift past. 

Where I shall start with Sushi Kotobuki? Recommended by a friend, we have been told that this is the place to go to for some funky and serious sushi makis. Hidden somewhat in the complex, it is obvious, the crowd, if any, belongs to Kotobuki. 

Forgive their dreadful English splattered all over their menu, look past the waiting time (if you don't call to reserve a table) and what you get is some good value and tasty sushi makis along with a small range of classic dishes; katsu, tempura, udon and etc. Prices are rarely above AUD10 per plate (except for one or two that uses unagi or broiled eel).


Not the freshest plate of fish but it is more than enough to curb that itchy mouth of mine for raw fish. The only complaint was a bone that they failed to pluck out; a fatal mistake if a kid was to eat that whole. 


There's something about Takoyaki and me that goes way back to the days when they first sold it at the shopping centres, especially the stalls outside the Jusco supermarket. At any time of the day, you will see me queue for some gooey balls with pieces of tako or octopus if you don't know drizzled with mayo and bonito flakes. This dish is worth ordering as an entree.  


Eventhough on the menu it says Prawn Tempura (4); they also throw in a few pieces of vegetable, in my case all were pumpkin if I remember correctly. Since I didnt expect anything apart from prawns, I take that as a bonus. Not the finest tempura but again a case of good enough to warm the tummy. 


There's a tiny story on the wall about Unagi and how they justify the price of AUD13 for the roll, go give it a read and have a laugh. With such a generous portion, I definitely wouldn't mind the price tag that comes along with it. 


This one is called the Lion King and with torched salmon on the top and crab meat as a filling, this was just as satisfying too. 


Probably a more familiar item, the spider roll was just as good too! 

Definitely two thumbs up if you want a simple meal of Japanese food and don't really care whether it is fusion, classic or influenced. The maki is definitely their specialty as can be seen on all the tables. What else can I say, it is rather affordable too! If the sushi rolls are pricey for you (i imagine 2 portions for a big size guy like me), the rice-dons are all under AUD10 and will definitely fill you up. 

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. A gem find if you want to eat some sushi without busting your wallet. 


Baby Sumo said...

Hmmm I wonder where they got the name "Lion King"? It looks like mentai sushi, correct?

Sean said...

the takoyaki balls look nicer than the ones at the shopping mall stalls here in kl. less greasy-looking and maybe not as mushy :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: dont ask me haha, its torched minus the cheese.

sean: yeah and its more dainty too, easier to put the whole thing into the mouth.

Michelle Chin said...

thank god i had sushi the other day or else i would be screaming at your post. it looks really good!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: haha it does look good, doesnt?

minchow said...

A bone in your sashimi, gack!! Come on, give me an Oz weekend brunch post anyday!! :-P

gourmetblog said...

Very good post, it is hard in Brisbane to find a good sushi place. Sure we will have to try it out this weekend.

Jason said...

They seems to like to drizzle sauces over their makis, don't they? :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jason: good observation but thats the thing with "fusion" jap, bring on the sweet sauce and mayo!

gourmetblog: give it a go and let me know.

minchow: haha i havent found any new inspiring places yet..

Rabbit Sim said...

Oiishi Sushi on Pinelands has a similar menu and very popular among Brisbanites. Personally I prefer places like Mizu and Hosokawa.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

rabbit sim: well i have tried hosokawa, a more traditional menu which I have moments for too. Must try your recommendations!

Brisbane Devoured said...

It does look similar to Oishii sushi, but I will definitely be visiting this place!

Another place is Dami on Logan Rd at Mount gravatt... good fusion sushi rolls but other stuff is just ok.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

brisbane devoured: i got to take down the names and visit!