Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Greek Taverna @ West End, Brisbane

When MasterChef returned to TV for Season 3, I was stoked as a foodie. I mean what else could you ask for; an hour everyday of television of nothing but food. However, I don't know about you all but after 70 episodes, I am starting to get sick of watching the show. Tired of all the obvious commentary from the random contestants, the crying and panic during the cooking yet near perfect plating and the most cliche of phrases the judges use. As they say, too much of something is never a good thing.

So what does MasterChef have got to do with the dinner at Little Greek Taverna? Well not much except for the fact that one of the judges is Greek. Watching his mom and him go on about Greek food in one particular episode got us wondering down to the place one night.  

After hearing the Wife talk about this Greek place at the corner of Browning Street, just off where she works, we risked walking in without a reservation. Luckily, we were given a table but also 1 hour to finish up. 

Surprisingly though, they serve pretty fast to ensure you get plenty of time to stuff yourself silly before turning around to the next bunch of customers.


Their Greek Salad although heavy with the oil was refreshing, even though it came with raw onions and pretty salty peppers and olives. Maybe the cucumbers and tomatoes must have done the trick for me.  


Tzatziki and the Roasted Eggplant Dip was the perfect way to start off with a meal along with some toasted pita bread. 


This is where it starts to get interesting. Listening to the waitress speak Greek or essentially reading out from the Specials list was enchanting. The Dol-Ma-Des, pronounced with a flair was a mince meat and rice wrapped with cabbage. It was a love it or hate it dish among the table, with me finishing up my piece and the Wife giving me half her piece.  


The Lamb Shank was on the dry side and again very generous with the oil. However, if you see the trend, the chips are again on the plate. 


The star dish of the night, the octopus. Tender and juicy, this must have been beaten close to pulp before hitting the grill. Would go back and order this without any hesitation.

I have been religiously going for gym classes and yet haven't exactly seen any improvements on the weighing scale. Looking back, this maybe why; a baklava, all for myself. Sweet and sticky, just how I like my dessert. 

A good casual place for some cheap Greek food, who can complain? Just make sure you call in advance for a table, if not risk rejection, you have been warned.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. I seem to be hitting all the right spots, cheap and good food, I am on a roll with this!


Michelle Chin said...

I got sick of masterchef midway in season 2. I realized how formulaic the entire program is and the stuff those judges say are REALLY REPETITIVE.

i told my friends about this, they didn't really buy into that.

Baby Sumo said...

Wow another 4 out 5.... have never been a fan of Greek food, but wouldnt mind that octopus dish.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: been having a good run at eating out.

mchin: well i totally agree with the repetitive comments, formulawise, there has to be a format if not theres no way to find a winner.

Sean said...

i'm thinking i'd be a very happy eater in greece. lotsa cheeses, lotsa carbs, lotsa seafood :D

minchow said...

Octopus beaten to a pulp sounds gorgeous! So much more enticing to snack on than chips in this context! That's saying a lot, as I'm a HUGE fan of chips!

Brisbane Devoured said...

Hahaha! I also try and regularly visit the gym to no avail... keeping up with a food blog makes losing weight extremely difficult :(


We have been meaning to try this place!
The octopus looks really goood. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omggimmenow: yeah its quite a popular place i must say.

brisbanedevoured: tell me abt it!

minchow: so isnt heaven to have both haha!

sean: i may not be able to recognise you eventually, well i know people wont if i stay there long enough.

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