Monday, May 9, 2011

Yummy Paradise @ Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

Trust the local Chinese when it comes to Chinese food. A couple of weeks ago, a friend said his ex (who was been around in Brisbane for a while) recommended this new place that served Guizhou cuisine. Not entirely sure whether one should trust his or her ex when it comes to food recommendations but we were convinced it would be worth our effort.

Not exactly something that I have tried before but I found out Guizhou cuisine (according to Wikipedia is similar to Szechuan and Hunan cuisine) is a mix of sour and spicy and features quite a few soups / steamboat dishes too. None of our food was overly spicy which was probably the key difference.

Picture 141

The mixed pork offal platter came with a variety of internal organs to the ears. Dipped with the spicy and salty sauce, this was a good starter if you like the "works" as I call it. 

Picture 129

The eggplant resembled the local Malaysian Yong Tau Foo style except this was deep fried and came with a sweet and sour sauce. This was probably the dish to drive us back a second time but alas the second visit, the eggplant had a heavy and chewy batter. 

Picture 137

This is comfort food at its best, the salted vegetable with pork belly. Personal preference says I rather have the pork with yam but beggars can't be choosers. 

Picture 138

As I am writing this, I am staring at this dish with a blur because I can't remember what was in it. If I am not mistaken, the tomato base was filled with generous fish slices. Although I do remember having another dish which resembled steampot and came with lots of fish slices too. 

Picture 133

Translated this dish is called "Water cooked Beef" but this was probably poached in chili oil which resulted in very succulent beef slices. 

 Overall, a very satisfying meal of Guizhou cuisine, the beef slices and the pork belly were a gem but because the Wife doesn't seem to appreciate those dishes nor the soup based dishes that they seem to be famous for, it might be a while before I revisit. Otherwise, a place for what looks and tastes authentic enough without a hint of adjustment for the Western palates (simply because they don't seem to be any, the crowd is about 100% Chinese).

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Authentic chinese cuisine and at reasonable prices too may I add. Let's hope it stays that way.


UnkaLeong said...

With the amount of visitors that they will be getting after your review, i'm sure they will manage to keep their prices down. Pig's ears FTW! LOL...

J said...

Hmmmm... I've never tried pig's ears before.... *curious*

Baby Sumo said...

I've tried pigs ears once before in Munich and I thought it was really nice... well until I found out what it was. :S

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: haha its the texture more than anything else so it isnt that bad..

j: REALLY?? must try..i remember u use to b able to get it in some wet markets or try the place that serves teo cheow braise meats..

unkaleong: im a small timer here my friend..but yeah pig ears FTW!

Sean said...

some of it looks reminiscent of hakka cuisine actually! :D

Michelle Chin said...

I love pork with yam and mui choy kau yoke all the same!

Michelle Chin said...

I love pork with yam and mui choy kau yoke all the same!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: me too, if not for the cholesterol.

sean: i think the pork is prob hakka?