Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pearl Cafe @ Woollongabba, Brisbane

Having ticked off so many breakfast places on my list, Pearl Cafe was next. Situated near the Gabba (the official name being the Brisbane Cricket Grounds), the name doesn't reveal much about the concept, the ambience or the food. Matter of fact, my friend asked whether it sounds like a place that sells bubble tea.

Far from that, Pearl Cafe is a small quaint cafe with a whiff of French. Fresh pastries and breads are on the display at the bar and the noisy and happy atmosphere inside feels very parisian according to the Wife but the "French" appears to be lost on the breakfast menu. 

Featuring apart from the Croissants, its very typical breakfast items on the menu.

Instead of inventing a whole range of dishes for you to choose from, the place has in place a few specials and a D-I-Y dish where you start off with 2 eggs (any style) on toast and a list of options from mushrooms to smoked salmon. 


Their coffee is pretty good and seen on the cup, the beans are Genovese.


An example of their DIY breakfast, bacon and scramble eggs.


The fixed item; the French Toast is a must order if you are a "sweet" person. Full of egg in the toast, topped with quince and sweet syrup, prepare for a sugar rush.


However the pork and beans that day was terrible which was apparently not the case a week ago when my friend ordered the same dish. The sausage tasted plain foul and the beans weren't fantastic. Try at your own risk.

Overall, the place scores on the ambience and atmosphere but the food was lacking that day. Furthermore, we sat outside which means we missed out on all the "fun" inside and had to eat through the freezing cold. Last orders for breakfast is 11am so make sure you go early. 

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Had the sausages turned out alright, it would definitely be a place I return to but based on my visit, I am afraid I won't be rushing back just yet. 


Sean said...

on the bright side, it's nice to be able to look at a dish of bacon and not wonder whether it's pork bacon or just beef bacon instead =)

Michelle Chin said...

Wow the french toast looks really "heavy" yeah!

zewt said...

was in perth and thought of calling you... guess who told me you are in brisbane?... the wife...! lol

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

zewt: haha your wife? cool. hey havent heard you in a while, hope all is good at your end!

mchin: it sure is, need to battle the chill haha.

sean: no doubt man, theres no such thing as beef bacon here!

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Me, I just wonder how to pronounce "Woollongabba"... :P