Monday, May 16, 2011

The Caxton Hotel @ Milton, Brisbane

There are certain days where you just don't feel like eating (which can be a rather rare event for me) and then there are some days when in my exact words to the Wife "I want to stuff myself silly until I puke". 

Twas that night I declared that I would like to stuff myself silly with steak and dived into the thick Entertainment Book for some offers.

The Caxton Hotel while not the best place for steak according to Urbanspoon was really the best of the lot in the book with its buy 1 free 1 main offer. 

With that we rounded up friends who had the book and off we strolled to Caxton Street.


The Char Grill at Caxton Hotel is not fine dining and it shows with the affordable wine list. I believe the Shiraz which was surprisingly palatable only cost around AUD30-40.

With expectations that the mains would be huge, we skipped the entrees and went straight for the steak.


As part of the meal, a salad to assist in digesting the protein.


A house specialty - Scotch Fillet & Seafood Combo 
Juicy & Tender Scotch Fillet accompanied by Moreton Bay bug & king prawns then served with a freshly made hollandaise sauce – AUD35.90  

The lady could bare handle half the plate which meant more for me but wait till you see what I ordered below.


Although you can't really see how big the steak was from the picture, I be happy to report I ordered the Prime Rib Eye of Beef on the Bone (500g) - AUD35.90. 

Although the Beef Jus was overly reduced, the meat was cooked to my liking and those crispy chips was heaven on earth; ideal for a pigging (cowing) night.

Happy to say that despite the online reviews saying that this was a mediocre place, we liked it, I suppose it helps when the place was barely half full and we "technically" paid full price for our steaks. I have heard service is bad and long waiting times if you go on their weekday special nights when steaks are half price. 

There is parking at the premises or theres always the 2 hour free parking up at the Barracks.

Address and contact details:

Caxton Hotel on Urbanspoon

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. No fine dining place but certainly representative of the pub culture which features quite prominently in Brisbane; meaning big chunks of steak and chips washed down with beer or/and wine. Best bet might be to come on a night where there are no specials so that there is less of a crowd and more attention is paid to cooking your food.


Life for Beginners said...

Now you went and made me crave some serious meat... on a Monday morning! (I wonder if there's any place in KL that serves steak for breakfast...)


Michelle Chin said...

the cream on top of the seafood thing *gasp* so rich looking!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: it does say hollandaise!

lob: haha if you can find me enough demand, i b happy to open a breakfast shop in KL serving steak!

Baby Sumo said...

500g of steak! Oh my ... and you ate some of your wife's as well... salut!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

baby sumo: well theres a bone there, so make it +/- 400gms.. haha..i have done worse in my life i tell you..