Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Gun Chinese Restaurant @ Underwood, Brisbane

I find it rather uninspiring to take pictures of dim sum items especially in Brisbane. There is nothing dainty about it as there are double the size of the norm you get in Asia, most places are sloppily made and you really can't see the effort being put into the dim sum.

The only thing you can judge is whether it tastes any good. On our usual fortnight or so dim sum get together, I was bought to Big Gun Chinese Restaurant (don't ask me how they got their name).

Famous for their late night dim sum (one of two places in Brisbane to do so), Big Gun is like any other Chinese restaurant; a tired facade and littered with Asians. However can they set themselves apart with their food? 

Picture 154

I haven't visited them at night but the consensus is that you don't get the real deal at night because the ones in the day is much better. Matter of fact, this could very well be one of the better tasting dim sum places in Brisbane. It gets better, the servers all speak Cantonese, the language of dim sum (to me), so I can actually order something and not get a blank stare with a mandarin reply "ni yao se moh?" ("what did you want").

The downside? It is rather a long drive away from the city and apparently in a "bogan" town. 

What is a Bogan? Defined by Wikipedia as an individual usually pejorative or self-deprecating, who is recognised to be from a lower class background or someone whose limited education, speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplifies such a background.

Not exactly a town I would like to be in.

Thankfully, I didn't see any of them having dim sum. 

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5stars. Loved the dim sum we had that day, however if you expect dainty small bites, you are knocking on the wrong door. Would definitely like to come back.


Michelle Chin said...

big gun sounds pretty wrong...

I tell you should google up thingsboganslike. also, don't be surprised but there are uni students who are natural bogues because they act and dress like one.

Life for Beginners said...

I guess "BIG GUN" is a tad better than "small gun" for the size-conscious. I mean the size of the dim sum, of course. Heh.

Brisbane Devoured said...

Isnt the shopping centre bit where that restaurant is located called Big Gun? there is an actual "big gun" above the sign.

eiling lim said...

i can't stop laughing at the name of the restaurant! haha BIG GUN?!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eiling: imagine the chinese translation!

brisbanedevoured: yeah thats right, its like the arsenal logo, the canon.

lob: dont think i will go if its name was small gun!

mchin: haha dont think i want to know what they like!

minchow said...

Sloppy big servings just defeat the purpose of dim sum altogether.. possibly take consolation in its more-value-for- money-ishness?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

minchow: haha thats another thing i can think about to console myself..although i must say compared to melbourne, prices in brisbane is decently cheaper!

caitlin said...

It is called Big Gun because the meat shop next door is Big Gun Butcher and im sure the fruit shop in "big gun fruit shop" too, most locals would know where to find it from the name.