Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fresh Sushi Co @ James St Market

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Back to the Brisbane eating scene.

Last weekend, the Wife and I finally had some sort of alone time with friends out of town, studying for exams and so forth. When we were having our dose of caffeine at Driftwood and Dandelion, we decided that we didn't want to feel left out after hearing that my friends were digging at seafood in the Sydney Fish Market by going to eat some oysters too. Where to go we wondered and we decided to try our luck at the James St Market.

Being the fancy high end super market, this place is still packed to the brim and we were incredibly lucky to find a car park space within seconds. 

Picture 212

Fresh Sushi Co is attached to Fresh Fish Co. With relationship to a fishmonger and manned by everyone Japanese, it gives you that little more assurance that the seafood quality should be tip top. 

Picture 214

The sushi platter gives you a complimentary miso soup to warm you up, considering the chilly days that we have been going through (not that I am complaining, rather I am loving it!)

Picture 221

The platter is slightly expensive at AUD 33. However it does come with premium ingredients including salmon roe, sea urchin and scallops. The thick fish slice wraps around the small ball of sushi rice making it a perfect light meal (which burns the pocket). Accompanying it you have three different kind of soya sauces for you to dip the sushi. 

Picture 218

The oysters came very fresh and juicy topped with a vinegar jelly (the name escapes me) which matches the seafood perfectly. A dozen for AUD 26 which is a slight premium considering we bought another dozen from a fishmonger for AUD17. 

All in all good quality seafood that does come with a premium, just for those occasions where you want to splurge a bit and enjoy life.

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Worth a quick bite if you are into sashimi and sushi.


Michelle Chin said...

The fish does look really really fresh!

J said...

The sushi platter is so pretty - with all the different colours! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

j: i know!! just makes your mouth water.

mchin: it is, i mean i trust by the fact that its attached to a fishmonger, surely it should b fresh.

Sean said...

three different kinds of soy sauce for the sushi sounds interesting. wonder if we're supposed to match them with specific kinds of fish (ie. maybe a sweeter sauce with salmon, etc)...

Brian Yong said...

hey joe, big fan of your blog! could you pop over to mine and have a glimpse of my new blog? thanks!

Baby Sumo said...

The sashimi platter sure looks yummy! So what were the difference between the soy sauce?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: the soya sauces as they went darker were more intense and the lighter one was meant for the delicate stuff like scallops.

brian: thanks!

sean: yes indeed u are suppose to! although i should have taken a photo of the description of each.