Monday, March 21, 2011

I am coming home..coming home..

8 months ago (or thereabouts), I packed my bags and left for down under. 

In a whirlwind of an adventure, the Wife and I found ourselves down in Brisbane or to the locals "BrisVegas". Having settling down for almost 6 months now, we find ourselves heading back to Malaysia end of this week for what I predict should be another whirlwind affair. 

The feeling of missing home brings me back memories of my flight to Australia. In a funny sequence of events, I found myself with loads of luggage and an unwillingness to pay extra; taking a flight from KUL-JKT-MEL and along the way getting upgraded to Business Class. Despite the long wait in JKT airport; how I wish every flight could be like this.


Getting to sit in front of the plane with huge leg space.


Tons of controls to make sure you sit or sleep well.


I also eye an internet connection port, I wonder if there's internet.


A glass of champagne to calm the nerves, especially with a crying baby in the first row of economy (a fact of life you got to live with).


Freshen with the amenities bag if you need to.


Ohh, look at the touch screen. Entertainment seemsto be on par, if not better than what Malaysia Airlines seem to offer.


A movie before going to sleep.


Before waking up to breakfast, oh this is life.


Oh what a wonderful and beautiful morning skyline. I think all of my flights into Australia have landed on early mornings, best thing is getting to eat a good old local brekkie before you tuck yourself into bed. 

All in all if I were to compare with my other experience flying Business on Malaysia Airlines (which was another stroke of luck, courtesy of the Domestic Finance Minister in the family), Garuda seemed to have bucked up, got themselves a new fleet of planes and installed comfort and class equivalent to the 5 star airlines. 

Find yourself with an option to fly Garuda? Definitely worth a try.

So all those food bloggers who read my blog, when are we meeting up to eat??! 


Michelle Chin said...

Garuda looks nice although most of my indo friends are pretty afraid of garuda.

J said...

Maka a list n check it then lets go makan! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

j: i got this huge urge to eat BKT, CKT, CCF and er er to think hard now..

mchin: yeah it doesnt have the most prettiest of history but they seem to have turned it around.

Selba said...

Wow!!! Can't believe it's Garuda airways! Should be proud but then we Indonesian, hardly fly with Garuda except being paid by company (business trip), hahaha...

Life for Beginners said...

Must meet, must meet! Must eat, must eat! :D

(Welcome back, soon!)

Julian Si said...

Wah, "atas" flight :-)


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

julian: i know, damn shiok, thanks!

kennymah: must eat meet eat! respond to fb thread on my profile yea haha.

selba: i realised the bad past really is imprinted on the local's mind. well time to change!

minchow said...

So you flying back Garuda then? I hope they cascade some of those Biz class privileges downwards coz not likely that I'll be flying Business class anytime soon!

Baby Sumo said...

Happy Eating in KL :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

Loveee Bizzz Classsss! Miss you.. welcome back - karnt wait to eat risotto w u:P hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: ohh glorious creamy carbs!

babysumo: thank yew!

minchow: well with a new plane comes new seats so thats a plus point isnt?

eiling lim said...

wow Garuda looks mighty fine to me!

UnkaLeong said...

Sorry I can't make the do in your honor on the 31st :( I'll try to catch up with you while you are still in town, k? ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

unka: no worries, will catch up with you when i am next back in town ok.

eiling: pretty posh eh?

Boon Chuan said...

Garuda business class seems quite good!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

boon chuan: it is quite good but food is not the best unfortunately.