Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Edamame @ St Lucia, Brisbane

In Adelaide, the Adelaide university students have the freedom to wonder to Rundle Mall for meals.

In Melbourne, the Melbourne university students can always take a quick walk to Lygon Street for Italian or Thai.

In Queensland, the University of Queensland students only have the campus to fall upon because it is so freaking huge and it takes you a good 15 minutes, just to walk out of the campus. Add on factors like the hot glaring sun, it explains why more than half the students here resort to buying cars. With that additional option of a car, it means students can drive a bit further out to explore what food there is to offer.

No further than a 5 minute drive off the campus, theres a row of shop lots at Hawken Dr serving a variety of cuisine; fish n chips, japanese, thai, indian, chinese and so on. With a friend wanting to go back and reminisce his university days, we went to Edamame.

Packed to the brim, there's not much service provided. Order the food at the counter and the waitresses will deliver your food. You can happily BYO with no extra charge.


A special; Chili Pork Ramen was spicy through and through. The huge dosage of mayonnaise cuts through a bit but you have been warned. If fatty pork and chilli is your thing, this dish is for you. 



A few of us were on a fried food mode and ordered their assorted katsu and tempura platter. All of us struggled with their huge portions and (the obvious oil involved in cooking the food). On second though, we should have ordered one of their many varieties of bento sets. 

Nothing that wowed our palates but I must say it is a good place to get some huge servings and drink beer (especially if you are a student). Love the outdoor dining, in some ways reminds me of the mamak scene back home.

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Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars. Looking for some food near UQ? Heres a viable option.


Michelle Chin said...

As a Melbourne University student, I usually feed myself sushi bought from uni or pack me own lunch. More economical this way. Allows me to splurge on better meals on "special no-cook" days. :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: well as a poorly paid asian (just kidding), i end up walking back home for lunch or buy sushi, unfortunately i still cant find money to splurge on fine dining!

Petite Cherie said...

Japanese food with an outdoor space. Must be a great hang out place!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

BYOB with no extra charge sounds like my kinda place. Wah.. so much mayo i wanna see how big you've become.. mwuahahaha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: haha student place mah, sure plenty of BYO!

cherie: pretty much!