Monday, March 14, 2011

Driftwood & Dandelion @ Hendra, Brisbane

Work has pretty much consumed the mind for the last couple of weeks and when we looked at the calender earlier today, we realised that we were barely less than two weeks away from being home. Having not lost any weight to counter the amount of food I will be consuming will certainly be on my mind till I step on the plane back to good old Malaysia. 


We have been quite diligently eating out a fair bit with a few new friends and it doesn't help that we are slowly getting tired of cooking at home.

However instead of diving into food, I can't wait to share what should no longer be a secret very soon, the existence of good coffee in Brisbane. 

I understand that Driftwood & Dandelion is a recent newcomer in Brisbane but from what I can see, they are definitely here to stay. With the quirky decor, the waiters and waitresses dressed in almost formal wear and plenty of coffee equipment on display, all that translates to some serious coffee drinking. 

A first I have seen, you can have coffee using any of their house blends of Driftwood and Dandelion or a further two rotating single origin blend, making a total of four blend of beans to choose from to be in your coffee. What hits the spot is that your standard latte, flat white, cappuccino or what drink you prefer is made with double ristretto shots, eliminating that water after taste, doubling the flavour without the caffeine overdose. 


A word of warning though, the place can get very packed and with orders flying from all four corners of the store, expect a wait for your coffee. You just have to keep your fingers crossed that the place isn't overly crowded. 


With plenty of sunlight and bright flowers, the whole place is bright and relaxing, or maybe that was illusion after drinking their coffee.

Coffee is not the only thing they do as they have a limited breakfast and sandwich menu. Based on what we had though, I reckon there are better places for breakfast. 


Literally sardines from a can with toast. Although not a brand that I have seen in the supermarket, I didn't think this was too creative. 


Their baked beans were good but again very simple and one dimensional with toast. 


Their sweets were quite decent to go along with their coffee. The apple crumble and brownie were good but their rather small portion seemed a bit expensive for the price we paid (i.e. AUD 5 and 6). 


We were told that the Driftwood is the "male" blend while the Dandelion is the "female" blend. Having tried both, the stronger and robust Driftwood is the favourite of the two. The Dandelion despite the cocoa notes seemed a tad too bitter for us. 



The Single Origin Blends were all very satisfying and also worth trying.

All regular coffees are AUD 4 per cup with breakfast around the AUD10 range.

Having found my perfect cup of coffee, the only other wish is that there remain the same quality and hopefully open a make up stall somewhere in the CBD!

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Verdict: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. No complaints about the coffee except the first time we went, even the owner acknowledged the fact that they were flat out and that they were slow in getting the coffees out. Not terribly excited with their breakfast menu, the perfect option is to eat somewhere and pop by for a coffee and a sweet. 


Life for Beginners said...

Sardines and toast? Methinks I left that long ago during my primary school years... :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lob: ahah well i dont even remember eating it out from a can! (not that im snobbish and dont eat sardines, i m pretty sure i had my fair share of canteen sardine sandwiches)

Sean said...

have u made a list of what u plan to have back in kl and where? :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: no! theres just so many!

Michelle Chin said...

Wow there's a card that comes with the coffee!

siewmun said...

they serve sardine in can?? presentation not nice lor. y they so lazy one.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

siewmun: well i actually prefer that presentation as opposed to small little sardines put on top of the toast, kinda retro.

mchin: yeap, tells you what coffee bean they use and the characteristics!

Jun said...

whoa, so fast going home again??! lucky u!

btw u know why coffee here is good? if memory serves correctly i think they're a sister cafe to another coffee joint in melb. can't recall the name of the latter though, but i've heard of this dandelion and driftwood place.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jun: hey i havent been back since last july. dont confuse with the other fellow from brisbane whos been home 3 times this year! haha i would def ask them that the next time i go but from what i find on the internet, it looks like melbourne is not taking credit for this stand alone cafe.

AugustDiners said...

I LOL on the sardine and toast, this is classic! :D

J said...

(And yay for coming back to KL! Nasi lemak n CKT n laksa n BKT time?)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

j: haha yeah man!!

augustdiners: classic isnt? would have liked if the sardines were home made though and if the can was like imprinted with their logo, that b cool!