Monday, February 14, 2011

The Gunshop Cafe @ West End, Brisbane

It is Valentines today, do you smell the love in the air? 

Erm, nope.

Do you see the love in the air?

Ermmm, nope.

Do you feel the love in the air?

Ermmmmmm, nope.

Having fallen to the same trap over the years of paying over the odds for bad food, this year we will be cooking at home. A good piece of rib eye on the bone is waiting for me in the fridge, bright red with a little bit of marbling and calling out to be dropped on to the sizzling pan and finished off in the oven. I might go get some red wine but the beer and the cider in the fridge might do for the time being.


The Wife has a short term memory especially when we touch on the topic of what sweet things i have done for her during the years of being together. 

I suppose just yesterday was a prime example, when we decided that i would accompany her to take the bus to West End on an early Sunday morning to see the exact route the bus will be taking and making sure she won't get lost on the way to work on Monday. Taking the train for her, requires a good 20 minute walk and it just doesn't make sense. 

Although admittedly I wasn't in the perfect mood for the trip, we still went ahead and I would like to start inking this little things i do so that i can finally have an answer when she asks me what have i done for her.  


So after the bus trip, we surveyed the area, an area badly hit by the floods, most restaurants had postponed their opening indefinitely, losses probably too much to bear except for one; The Gunshop Cafe, packed to the brim and with a queue outside too, a sign of good food. Awarded Australian Cafe of the Year 2009, the place was running at full capacity.


No guns at sight, but would the food though go "all guns blazing" ?


With industrial fans at each corner, it is quite cooling without getting too hot and stuffy. I heard whispers that the courtyard is rather calming and a good place to sit if you want some sun. 


The breakfast items are split into traditional and new; the vanilla and vodka trout with poached eggs, herbed hollandaise and sourdough falling under the traditional side. The trout does have a hint of vanilla if you taste it on its own and muster every ounce of your palate. Paired with sauce, egg and bread, it is no difference from a good smoked trout. A delicious breakfast but not worth the 15 minute wait outside and the 30 minute wait inside.


From the New menu, we wanted the blood sausage with poached duck egg but that ran out so for some reason which we can't comprehend, the next item down was a chicken liver pate and we ordered that. If you were wondering how chicken liver pate would be served as a breakfast item, it is no difference from any other meal as we found out. Why is chicken liver pate served for breakfast was beyond my imagination but all we can do is laugh at ourselves for ordering it. Not exactly an old schooled breakfast item, the pate was smooth with an extra dose of vodka to gel everything. 

With many items that does look rather exciting, I think we will return at an earlier time and this time, we will be reading the menu much more carefully.

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Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. The crowd looked the 5 stars but the wait and the wrong choice of dishes disappointed us. A re-visit is probably deserved.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Happy V Day, Nips and Nic! Are V Day menus there crazy expensive like those in MY?

I LOL'd when I read the bit about putting the good stuff in writing so that you have bullets for future discussions! Be careful, man, or dinner tonite will be poison ala kiev. *grin*

Sean said...

sounds like this place adds a bit of vodka in half the items on their menu! :D
a good steak and some booze for a comfortable dinner at home sound like a preferable option to paying 10 times the price for a meal at a crowded restaurant! =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: exactly, my steak didnt come cheap at 30aud, but well worth the price i hope.

ll: i would think so, although the expensive places are already expensive as it is already. haha im making dinner tonite, i better make sure she doesnt enter the kitchen!

Michelle Chin said...

why is it a weird thing to eat for breakfast? i thought it is quite normal... i mean, my german flat mate makes it look normal to have duck foie gras for breakfast. so i thought it is quite normal....

Baby Sumo said...

We went to Sage for lunch today but surprisingly the prices were not hiked up. I think dinner prices remain the same too, but the diners only have the option of the degustation menu (I think).

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babysumo: i dont think people will raise prices but usually have set menus like u pointed out cost much more than ordering ala carte.

mchin: dont think germans r normal to begin with, just kidding. this is the first time i have seen pate on a breakfast menu after eating out in years!

eiling lim said...

yeah on V day, the chefs want to spend time with their sweethearts and therefore the other couples all get crappy food! hahah

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eiling: haha i wonder who does the cooking if the chefs are off that nite?