Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chat Thai @ Sunnybank, Brisbane

I read the other day that a blogger and Google was sued by a restaurateur after the man read what I would call a rather blunt and obviously negative review of his own food. Instead of taking it in his own stride, it is rather obvious that he has been told from some thirsty lawyers that he will be able to squeeze RM6.5 million from the two parties, close his restaurant down and retire. Seriously who would want to eat at his restaurant now anyways?

It got me thinking as to how I should approach future reviews especially when the food is you know; has a lack of spark. Unfortunately, Chat Thai at Market Square seem to fall under that category. While, the dishes we had that day was by no means inedible and matter of fact we finished everything, I felt slightly disappointed because the "Thai" food that we were eating was obviously modified for a lack of a better word to satisfy the majority crowd in the area.   

Doesn't help that I could not see a single person that looked like a Thai in the kitchen or at the restaurant and the TVs were blasting korean MTVs. 


The Red Duck Curry was probably the best dish of the lot. Creamy, spicy and went well with rice. A nice touch with the lychee which worked with the chunks of duck meat.


This dish spark off the blatant fact that this restaurant is owned by Chinese, the food is cooked by Chinese and the place is probably run by Chinese. To me the fish did not taste like Thai, rather it was fried fish fillet with a chili mixture that could have passed off as any cuisine really.


The minced chicken with basil is a true and classic Thai dish yet it came out like this came out from any Chinese household kitchen, with lashings of soy sauce, bit of oyster sauce and finished off with some dark soy sauce for colouring. 


The Pad Thai, thankfully still looked the part but was slightly too sweet for the taste buds around the table. Being a hardcore fan, I still found it possible to finish up the plate.

I understand Chat Thai is a famous Thai place in Sydney, well you are not starring at a branch nor a very good imitation. To me, the dishes we ordered had only the slightest hint of thai and it is very clearly that the food is cooked to suit certain taste buds. 

Now it is also quite saddening that in Sunnybank, one can still find mediocre food, i mean after all it is an asian town right?

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Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars. Thai influenced Chinese food might be a better phrase to describe the place.


J said...

Oh dear. Well,... at least if you have a craving for duck in red curry, this place is still an option. :)
(I think I can just have that n rice n be happy - love red curry duck!)

Michelle Chin said...

Ah, it's basically a con job thing. I mean, when people are desperate for cash... you know.

Sean said...

if the owner of chat thai reads this post, he/she should at least be pleased that the food looks really good in the photos! great, vibrant colors :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: haha er its from my iphone..

mchin: which 1 is a con job now? i wouldnt use such a harsh word like con..afterwards kena sue.

j: yeah i guess so, but it requires a 20min drive, so im looking for a closer place!

minchow said...

That's such a shame! Those who aren't lucky enough to have tasted authentic Thai would be completely misled by its reputation and muddled interpretation!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

minchow: exactly!! a few wrote on urbanspoon that the food is authentic and delicious too!

ton said...

As a Thai I think I should let you know their kitchen crew are all from Thai...speak to them next time you will know! Im not sure abt waiters tho.
Interesting comment "fish did not taste like Thai" from someone not Thai.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ton: well i do not claim to b thai but i think i have eaten enough thai food in thailand to let u know that it doesnt taste like thai..a case of what is nice for one is not nice for another.

Joe said...

Firstly, on behalf of Chat Thai Sunnybank Kitchen staffs, we are very thanks for your valued comments about our food. Thanks again.

Now, I just want to explain something that you may be misunderstanding about us! Our kitchen mainly employs Thai staffs. Especially head chef is Thai and also I'm Thai!!! If you have a chance to visit us next time please feel free to chat with us, we are appreciated to talk with everyone who are interested in Thai food! We may get a good idea from you who experienced enough Thai food in Thailand to our next purpose.

For all your comments about our food we accepted all to our concern and we are trying our best to get the best resolution for our customers and the restaurant.

Anyway Thanks again and hopefully, we will have a chance to talk to you on your next visit.

Joe and all Kitchen staffs

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

joe: thats good to hear, sorry if i got the impression that it was otherwise. lets see if i ever pop by, if u can recommend some authentic thai stuff.

mrjohn said...
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mrjohn said...

Michelle chin called out chat Thai sunnybank a a con job which leads me to point out that stealing the name from an existing business which has a reputation as the place to go for what is arguably the best Thai food in Sydney in a blatant albeit pathetic attempt to benefit from other people's dedication and hard work is a pathetic conjob in my opinion and I'm sure many people agree with me.

Allen Bates said...

I'll be sure to check this out, thank you very much.
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