Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Larder @ New Farm, Brisbane

I can barely believe it is 2011, seriously how time flies. A year ago, we were partying with copious amounts of alcohol, having a hangover wasn't exactly the pleasant beginning to the year. Fast forward to this year, i was fast asleep when everyone outside was counting down from 10-1 and actually went to the gym in the day. Not to mention i am now in a different country too.


However, business is as usual at Lots of Cravings, food reviews and hopefully some handy tips for travelling around Australia.

With the blog officially moving to 2011 mode, let's quickly finish up the reviews of 2010.


Back in Malaysia, you have a plethora of food blogs to update you on the latest place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not only do i get the latest places, i get different views (although all are usually consistent) to help me make a decision as to where i should eat.

Here in Brisbane, the number of food blogs may seem minute but there is a good database/forum in the form of Urbanspoon

After making a visit to the Powerhouse Market, the nearest fresh food market (to us) that is opened every 2nd and 4th Saturday, we made a visit with our fingers crossed to Little Larder which seem to garner a few comments from some happy campers at Urbanspoon.


Sitting in a corner shop, this was situated slightly away from the main street and this was like a nice cozy neighbourhood breakfast joint except that it was packed to the brim!  


Luckily after a 15 minute wait, we got our seats and started the day with their wide range of juices, some that taste like they were meant for detox, some made with all kinds of sweet fruits. 


The Fry Up may not win awards as the most handsome breakfast dish but the usual suspects of mushrooms, bacon, sausages, onions and herbs all fried up together in one plate makes a pretty delicious meal (ideally for a hangover).


Something heavier perhaps? A steak sandwich with a poached egg for a brunch? I find it too plain but my mate was having a good time gobbling it all up.


If you go through the whole menu, Little Larder serves simple wholesome options and you won't find anything too fancy. The fanciest of the lot to me was probably the crispy polenta. Fried to a crisp but soft and smooth in the inside, topped with poached eggs with avocado and tomatoes on the side, I wouldn't mind ordering it again. 


There were a few glowing reviews on their home made Baked Beans. Instead of reminding me of the canned baked beans, you had a bowl of of chilli con carne sans the minced meat. The wrong dish for the Wife as she can cook a mean version of this as well. 

Little Larder is exactly what you see; a neighbourhood breakfast joint that serves simple breakfast meals and that formula seem to be almost perfect with the crowd flowing throughout our meal. Fortunately simple meals means slightly cheaper prices too as breakfast range from AUD 10 - AUD 17. 

Address and contact details:

Little Larder on Urbanspoon

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars if you like a simple meal with a good juice or coffee but if you are out for a fancy breakfast, Little Larder doesn't fit the bill, simply because it is not meant to. 


J said...

Wah. That is really a bit expensive for a simple breakfast....
(The fry up sounds delicious! But yeah, presentation a bit fail. lol)

Life for Beginners said...

Ah but we judge not by the looks but by the taste... and the portions... so says the Babitarians Anonymous (Breakfast/Brunch Chapter). :D

Michelle Chin said...

Ah, well, don't you feel much better without all the partying?

I slept in as well. My house was like a calm in the midst of a storm.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: yeah so much healthier haha.

lob: and the taste and portions satisfy the soul.

j: i cant really complain about the price, aud 12-15 is about standard everywhere else. immune to it already.

Sean said...

cute name for a cafe! i tried to google 'big larder' to see if there was a restaurant of that name, but don't have! (really) :D

Coketai said...

Hi Joe,
I have not been visiting your blog for almost a year and recently when I revisit your blog, I am shock that you are now reside in Australia... what was the motivation for you to leave the country?( Just for curiosity).


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tai: hi how have you been yourself? yes i recently migrated over in august, well mainly because i wanted a change and some overseas exposure and also bcos my PR status was going to expire. hope to c u around more often!

sean: well maybe a suggestion for a big larder somewhere in KL? well small is good, i like neighbourhood joints.

Goa said...

finger food brisbane is important for every party ........