Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bishamon @ Spring Hill, Brisbane

Having stayed right smack in the Melbourne CBD, when it comes to eating out, it doesn't come any easier. With restaurants and cafes literally a street away, you can walk or hop onto a tram and eat anything you wish for.

In Brisbane, it is that little bit harder staying at a suburb that doesn't have much soul at night. My friend warned that it is a bit of a concrete hill i.e. lots of buildings and nothing else and he really didn't exaggerate. However, we are comforted by the fact that a 10 minute walk away, there is a Japanese restaurant that serves pretty good food and is famed for their Shabu Shabu Buffet at AUD 28 per pax.


Walking in without a reservation on an early night, we were lucky to get a table because patrons flowed in at a rather rapid pace mid way through our dinner. Their specials are written on a board and bought out for the guests when they arrive.

Without any direction as to what to order, we picked a few staple dishes to see how good the place was.


The Deep Fried dish used beef instead of the staple pork or chicken and this was served with a ponzu sauce. Interestingly enough, i think this might have been the first time that I have eaten beef made this way.


Tempura is usually a good way to see whether the place is worthy as a Japanese restaurant. Unfortunately, this turned out slightly soggy and I wouldn't recommend you to order this.


The salmon sashimi is alright but I am always a fan of the chunkier slice which gives you a nice bite in your mouth versus a thinner and longer slice.


The Nasu Dengaku i.e. the Miso Eggplant is one dish that i can never seem to replicate at home. This was done pretty well from what i can remember.

How Japanese can the drinks be? Calpis and Asahi Beer.
While the ala carte dishes are alright, I have been told that the Shabu Shabu and the Teppanyaki is a different story. Time for a re-visit!

Address and contact details:

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. From the stories I hear, I can't wait to try the Shabu Shabu!


Life for Beginners said...

Looking forward to your next post, then - the Shabu-Shabu, right? :D

Michelle Chin said...

Okay, then you must write about your shabu shabu experience here.

I never had shabu shabu before T_T

thule a.k.a leo said...

Asahi rocks!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: haha yeah beer rocks.

mchin: yeah once the weather cool down..

kennymah: as soon as i visit!

Brisbane Devoured said...

This has to be one of my favourite places to eat, so don't say anything bad about it!! I always get the shabu-shabu. Its true it is $28 for a set number of wagyu beef plates, but they also have an all you can eat option which is dearer, about $32 per person i think (i ALWAYS go for the all you can eat option!). We have sampled other things from the menu, the tempura is nice sometimes but was soggy another time we had it :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

brisbane devoured: really? cool definitely in my mind when the cooler weather sets in.