Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sono @ Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

After my first trip in Queensland, well second trip actually, i declared that this state probably had the best chirashi sushi i ever had. After so many years, i have yet to find a version that has been as decadent as the one i had, bear in mind back then, it had cost us AUD 25. I remember the bowl filled with salmon roe (ikura), sea urchin (uni), sweet prawns (ema ebi) and a whole range of sashimi slices too.

Alas, after the visit to Sono, i think i might have to re-declare that the best chirashi sushi i had was in Cairns and maybe should not apply to the rest of Queensland. Having been recommended that Sono is one of the brighter spots for a good and rather expensive meal of Japanese cuisine, we stepped in after a heavy rain stopped us from going home from work one day. Since it was also a couple days away from the Wife's birthday, why not? 

There is nothing wrong with Sono and indeed it does portray a typical Japanese restaurant with the wooden decor and the tatami booths (thankfully, you don't have to sit cross legged as there is a nice big below the table).


Your typical setting, you know there is a bit of class when you are not given a pair disposable chopsticks.


Now for my Chirashi Sushi AUD 38. Bear in mind of inflation and etc, i forgive them that this is prized much higher than it was in Cairns 6 years ago. However, it could have done with some ikura or uni to make it complete. Otherwise, a good choice of fish and beautifully presented. 


The Grand Finale for the Wife. 

The Wagyu Steak (A MB6 Striploin 220gram) for AUD 58 was not as nearly marbled as the piece of wagyu steak we bought the other day for AUD 15 (luckily on a 50% discount)  which sparked off our recent refusal to eat out nowadays because of the huge margins these restaurants make on simple and easy to replicate dishes. Nevertheless, this was nicely grilled to a medium and served with a teriyaki glaze. Something i might want to try but that involves brushing the steak with glaze and i am too lazy to do that. 

Judging from the rest of the menu, the items are not cheap especially the only sets on the dinner menu is AUD 65 and 95 respectively which offers a bit of everything. Otherwise, ordering ala carte will create a hole in the wallet definitely. Be prepared to spend AUD 50-60 per pax for a good meal here. If that is not a problem, this is a good restaurant to splurge on.

Address and contact details:

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Verdict: There is so much to try based on the menu and i think this might be a keeper when my purse strings are a bit looser so for the time being i think this deserves a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


J said...

Wah. Mahalnya.... The steak doesn't even look very big leh.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

j: think of it as RM haha, its not THAT expensive really. never in jap books for them to serve huge chunks of steaks anyway, so the size is quite standard.

AugustDiners said...

1-to-1 comparison la since u r earning AUD now, tsk tsk :D

The sashimi looks so tantilizing!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

augustdiners: yeah la haha but the only thing i forgot to say is i dont pay rent and for my car in KL!!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Expensive, but the fish looks good! All thickly cut... *drools*

Michelle Chin said...

Actually AUD 38 is not too bad for the chirashi sushi.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mchin: yeah, nobu 1 cost aud50 n its about the same.

bbabe: haha well its expensive when its x3 but if u think about it, to get a bowl of this quality will probably still set you back RM80-90.

UnkaLeong said...

The sashimi platter looks like it's worth it ;)

eiling lim said...

wow the chirashi sushi does look very good! at AUD38 i don't think it's very expensive.