Monday, December 20, 2010

Little Singapore @ Charlotte Street, Brisbane

Stay in Brisbane long enough and you will eventually need to find your way around when it comes to Asian food cravings. Actually make that staying in any foreign country or state for that matter. Thankfully for Brisbane, we have an expanding "Little Singapore", for all those times you crave for [enter item from the Little Singapore Menu]. 

I have been told that the Sunnybank outlet is by far the best, but that means travelling quite a fair bit for someone who knows zilch about the public transport system. Left with their Charlotte Street and their Queen Street outlets. I am again told that the Queen Street outlet should be avoided too which means the Charlotte Street outlet stands as the most viable option.

Be prepared for long queues and a terribly noisy atmosphere, almost as if i had just stepped back to any busy coffee shop in Malaysia with a working aircon and a better decor. 


We wanted a combo of Char Siew and Siew Yuk (BBQ pork and Roasted Pork) but after looking a very sad plate of Char Siew coming out from the kitchen, Siew Yuk it was. After failing miserably on so many counts, we finally had a decent Siew Yuk to rejoice with. Pricey though for AUD 12.50 but an item that i wouldn't mind ordering.


Not a terribly good choice was their laksa. Dull with no flavour, it required quite a bit of belachan from the counter to spice it up. The sides of blanched brinjal and frozen seafood wasn't very exciting either. Going to avoid this the next time we come here.

It is after one of these meals that i think back to how fortunate some people are in Kuala Lumpur where there are so many curry laksas to be had for under RM5 but choose to eat in a shopping centre instead for closer to RM15 while i am stuck with a AUD 10 crap laksa.

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Verdict: Between 3 stars to 4 stars, but very promising from our plate of roasted pork rice.


J said...

Nemmind about the laksa, now you have an option for decent siew yoke! :)
(Pooooorrrrrk! Yay!)

Sean said...

quite a generous serving of siew yoke for one plate! that's three entire strips ... maybe enough for two people to share? :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

looks excellent! you must take MEEEEEE

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: cis y would u come all the way here to eat siew yuk haha.

saen: yeah enough for 2 of us to share, enough for a typical australian though.

j: yeap yeap or i shall try to make siew yuk till i succeed!

thule a.k.a leo said...

since you hardly find any good Malaysian dish... you should attempt to re-create yourself :) judging by your recent posts.. shouldn't be a problem

J2Kfm said...

I can understand the craving! Nvm once in a while paying many times the price of plate of siew yuk fan in Malaysia.

Michelle Chin said...

You can always make siu yoke and char siu yourself, if you want really good ones.

Siu yoke requires lesser ingredients compared to char siu. If you want really good siu yoke, make sure that you get organic pork or else, be prepared to experience gaminess in it!

For good char siu, mui kwai lou is a must!

Tummy Rumble said...

wow, the portion of siew yuk is darna lot man.. darn, haven't had siew yuk in a while..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tummyrumble: haha really? thats as much as i would order at pudu for myself!

mchin: no la, the char siew takes too much effort haha.

j2kfm: yeah well 3 times if i compare to pudu prices, so thats alright i guess. considering i earn 3 times too.

Gem said...

if you're after a much better laksa, just further down charlotte street there is a place called Satay Club, and they do a pretty good laksa indeed. At Little Singapore probably their best dish is their roti canai with lamb curry. Delish!