Monday, December 27, 2010

Its raining like i have never seen before

Originally, i had no plans to blog till the new year, after all, if people get a break from work, they should afford a little break on the blog too.

However, seeing that it has been raining almost non stop, literally non stop i must emphasize since Christmas, which has been a good 60 hours and counting, we have been bored out of our brains. We have resorted to experimenting in the kitchen and below is a product which i hope to perfect by the time my holiday ends.

 The Roast Pork most important element is not just the juicy meat ( i mean look at the layers of fat, that does the job in keeping the whole slab of meat moist but the crackling. There are many theories out there as to how one can make a crispy crackling. So far from patting it dry to sprinkling almost half a cm layer salt on top of the skin, i have yet to achieve the real deal, almost there but not exactly the best i had.

So roast pork it will be till i perfect it!

How is Christmas treating you out there? Hope it is all good!

Heres to hoping the rain will bloody stop in Brisbane!


Life for Beginners said...

Whoa... that is a lot of salt! Here's to you perfecting your roast pork recipe over the hols!

Happy Holidays, Joe! :)

Precious Pea said...

Usually I marinade the meat part, pat dry the skin and put into the chiller for at least 2 days. Oven must be really hot before putting the meat into the oven (also must have a tray of water). Covered the skin part with salt, roast 20 mins, take it out and brush away the salt and roast for another 20 mins (lower the temperature to 200). Mine so far turned out really crackling.

Sean said...

it looks great to me, but omg, does this mean u plan to be cooking and eating roast pork all the way until the new year?! :D

J said...

Well (I agree with Sean) - it looks good! :)

eiling lim said...

my mom makes very good roast pork and you have to apply vinegar on the skin layer by layer for at least 10-12 times

Michelle Chin said...

Organic pork gives better crackle than non-organic ones (you must use salt still!). Also, don't take your pork out too early. Leave it in there for quite a bit until the skin chars a little. Don't worry if your kitchen smells a little burnt.

Michelle Chin said...

But for a beginner right, I actually think that you did a fantastic job. Roast pork is not an easy dish to make. Making char siu is easier.

thule a.k.a leo said...

Cut down the sodium level bro!! not good for health..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: dont worry the sodium is removed after cooking a.k.a salt baking style

mchin: i think char siew is harder haha, got to think of getting the marinade rite.

eiling: yeah thats what some people have recommended, lets see if i can bring myself to roast some more pork!

j: haha it does, doesnt!

sean: well im tempted to!

ppea: yeah i heard about your legendary prep work, not sure i can wait 2 days!

lob: happy hols to u too!