Monday, November 15, 2010

Koko Black @ Lygon Street, Melbourne

Spring in Brisbane has been very kind; as if "it" had heard my dislike for hot weather. With a mix of gloom and sunshine and seldomly exceeding 30 degrees, walking outside can get sticky but not too uncomfortable with the breeze. However staying indoors is another issue. While it was always so cold in Melbourne that the placefelt like it was air-conditioned, it is uncomfortable in Brisbane. Stuck with either a hefty electricity bill if i switch on the air-con, the cheap tower fan i got from Big W doesnt seem to be working too well. Looks like its time to invest in a better fan and am really digging this bladeless multiplier fan but it will set me back AUD 350.

While i could always drench myself with cold water or sleep in a bath tub full of ice, the hot weather makes me wish that Koko Black will open in Brisbane soon. 


This ice chocolate is figuratively to die for. The perfect antidote for hot weather, the use of premium vanilla ice-cream brings this drink to perfection. Strongly recommended if you are a chocolate person.


If you are into desserts, you are in safe hands. With a dessert chef in the premises, he can whip you any of the mouth watering items on the menu. The platter that we ordered had a bite of everything from gourmet chocolates, cookie, cake, mousse and ice cream. Not cheap but quality. 

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Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Converted into a chocolate lover but those who are not into sweets, be prepared, it can get quite sweet in here.


Michelle Chin said...

Things can get too sweet in Koko black. The first time I went to Koko Black was three years ago and I had their famous chocolate drink. It was too milky and not chocolatey enough. Then, I never return to Koko Black again until few months ago for a blogger's meetup.

Actually, most chocolate places in Melbourne are not chocolate-y enough for me. Including Lindt. I prefer chocolate drinks from Godiva, which is cheaper due to the conversion rate.

J said...

Hmmm. Didn't get to try this place when I was in Melb. :(
Ah well... it's definitely on the list for the next round. :)

Baby Sumo said...

Do you mean the Dyson fan? They're selling for RM1200+ here so it's about the same price as Aussie.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

If you're planning to get the bladeless fan, it's best to go for the oblong one. Not the round fan. I find that it's cooler (as in cooler air). :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bbabe: BUT its so expensive!!!

babysumo: well im comforted by that fact that aust is not ripping us off here. they start from 300+ to 500+ for the big ones.

j: yeah u missed out on alot!!

mchin: well personal preference, if u r really into chocolate, then i presume its dark chocolate for you?

Sean said...

the weather there sounds preferable to the weather here in kl right now! we're getting drenched every evening, cos it's thunderstorm season at 4pm everyday again!!!

Life for Beginners said...

Ice chocolate? *melts, or rather, freezes happily*

I'm TOTALLY a chocolate person. :D

qwazymonkey said...

OMG! Looks so good. I need a good sugar fix right about NOW!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

qm: who doesnt! but isnt it abit too late for u to have a fix rite now?

kennymah: well u know what to drink when u go there..

sean: ohh i miss the rain..the traffic jam too..haha.

eiling lim said...

what an indulgence but it's still cheaper than getting the fan right?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eiling: haha of course, can buy many cups of ice chocolate with the fan.