Monday, November 8, 2010

Just for you Mom: Where to eat in Hong Kong

I have a very unique relationship with my parents. Since flying over, we haven't been really talking much since the main topic surrounds the question of when will i ever get a job.

Ever the job came, it has pretty much been trying to settle down and let life be normal. Coupled with the fact that my internet is wonky as ever and we never see each other on Skype; this blog is another avenue where i share all that i have been up to in Australia. So much so, they are probably the one of the most loyal readers, Lots of Cravings have got.

Just the other night, she said she was flying off to Hong Kong, so i said, make sure you eat this, this and this in which she replied, put on your blog and let me see.

I have yet to teach her her how to search through the reviews on my right and use the search functions so i have listed out the links.

So just for you mom, for your trip to Hong Kong (hope you see this before you fly off tomorrow).

Dim Sum @ Central

Dim Sum @ Hong Kong Island

Dim Sum @ Mongkok, Kowloon (Got Michelin star, highly recommended and its cheap)

Breakfast @ Jordan

Dinner @ CausewayBay

Yung Kee @ Lan Kwai Fong (Must try the century egg)

Some of the highly recommended places from other websites

Tim's Kitchen @ Sheung Wan (Dinner)

The Wanton Mee @ Central

Theres also the seafood restaurants at Sai Kung (that let me ask my friend where to go) will sms you his phone number so you can ask him)

For the rest of my readers, take it as a recommendation as to where you could possibly eat in Hong Kong, there are just too many places!


Life for Beginners said...

Now... I'm not your Mom (obviously), Joe... But thanks mightily for your little list - it's exactly what I need for my next HK trip. Woo-hoo! :)

J said...

Your mum is so cool! She actually knows how to use the computer!! :)
(Awww. So sweet of you to get the list prepared for her)

Michelle Chin said...

Ooh I love yung kee's century eggs. Hey why not ask your mom to visit openrice? Openrice is pretty much the hong kong version of urbanspoon. tried and tested by hong kongers

Michelle Chin said...

my mom reads my blog religiously too. :)

Sean said...

hi, joe's mom! *waves* hope u have a great time in hong kong, auntie! :D

Tummy Rumble said...

I just ate the century egg from Yung Kee yesterday... haha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tummy rumble: dont get me started with the century eggs, its drop dead gorgeous!

sean: haha not sure whether she knows how to click on the comment box..

mchin: lets just say she hasnt advanced to being comfortable to visit different websites and searching for food that way..

j: well switching on/off skype and going onto firefox and finding my blog, yup thats about it!

lob: im sure u will eat your way thru!

AugustDiners said...

awww. ure the sweetest son! for your info, im also your loyal reader okayyy.. :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

august diners: yes mdm! i read yours too also..