Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tiamo 2 @ Lygon Street, Melbourne

Contrary to the established reputation of Lygon Street, where the best italian food can be found; i had more failures than successes. Some of my friends have already written it off and claimed that the most delicious thing on the Italian Street is the thai food at Ying Thai 2. 

Well if i had to give it another chance, i had to do my research well and i found Tiamo and Tiamo 2.

We walked along most restaurants that weekday night and the busiest had to be Tiamo and Tiamo 2. With a queue time that was close to half an hour, a tip is to get several people to queue at different lines i.e. one inside the restaurant and one outside as it doesn't seem to be one standard line.

Serving two menus, Tiamo 1; a basic and rustic menu that serves the classical pasta like bolognese and carbonara while the Tiamo 2 has more fancy dishes like home cooked pasta, daily specials and pizzas.  Looking through both, all our dishes were from Tiamo 2. 

The Prosciutto with Rocket leaves pizza was simple and came in the thin crust that i like. Simple ingredients put into good use. 

A pork platter that had some grilled pork belly, pork chop and some really delicious meatballs accompanied with some polenta, potatoes and mixed vegetables. With the exception of the meatballs, everything else seemed rather normal to be on the "specials".

The winner was this home made pasta with meatballs and eggplant in a tomato based sauce. This was so appetising and i could easily finish the whole bowl with ease.

The tiramisu was good but not great. If anything, it tasted like it sat in the fridge too long. The sponge cake dried out.

Finally a decent place for wholesome italian food at Lygon Street, there's hope after all

Address and contact details:

305 Lygon St
Carlton, 3053

Tel: 03 9347 0911

Verdict: Choose the right items like the pizza and the homemade pasta and this is a winner. 4 stars out of 5 stars. Just make sure you make a booking or risk queuing up half an hour for a table.

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J said...

Told you that it was good watttt. :P

Why you didn't believe me? Tsk tsk.. Well, tasting is believing I guess.

(Eeeee. So sad though - the last time I was there, the tiramisu was nice worr)

Sean said...

the pasta portion looks massive! i'd definitely consider sharing it :D luckily the pizza looks smaller and more manageable

Michelle Chin said...

haha. i tell you my sister makes the best tiramisu. maybe i can learn how to make it and bring it to the picnic but i am afraid that the mascarpone might spoil on the way. i need to travel one hour to get there!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

michelle: oh crap, wheres the place? havent checked!

sean: well typical aussie portions.

j: did u tell me about tiamo too?

qwazymonkey said...

When I was a student, Lygon was haven for Italian food.

But, I find that the food have been "deteriorating" each time I return for vacation. The funny thing is that, the food has always remained largely the same. Perhaps my palette's to blame. It has changed. It's nothing fancy like what we have been pampered with.

Glad you found something you like.

J said...

I did.... I think. But it was waaaaay back. When u were accompanying your sister to melb, I think....

Michelle Chin said...

at studley gardens. kew

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

michelle: sounds far, dont even know where that is haha.

qm: too used to the fine dining italian u get in msia la..

j: memory doesnt serve me too well.

Michelle Chin said...

well. it's not that far. far is like kilmore

AugustDiners said...

funny i dont remember seeing this when i was in melburne. I agreed about lygon street and the overrated italian food. u can find better elsewhere in town!

Marshy said...

yummy! love your food blog. =)
anyways link me!
just started a picture food blog.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

marshy: thank u!

augustdiners: really? well with the amt of food in melbourne CBD, i dont see why u need to go right at the end of lygon!

michelle: thats out of my dictionary already haha.