Thursday, September 9, 2010

Failed attempt in Roast Pork, just you wait.

There is always a thing called beginner's luck. I suspect it may rub off soon with so many of my first attempts in cooking actually working out. Yes, it is not because i am that good, you know. Along the way, i did had a mishap with the roast pork.

I couldn't decide whether to stick to the original chinese recipe or the western style roast pork, so i decided to compromise and just did what i usually do.

Put the meat through a nice marination and off we went off to the oven.

Happily though, with roast pork, the first number one no no, is no wet marination, if you want a crispy crackling. I happily doused the pig in olive oil, herbs, lemon zest, salt and pepper. Even after deciding to let it have the outdoor treatment of sun tanning outside the balcony, it obviously didn't work. Although i am told that give it a dry rub of herbs, salt and pepper and then put it outside for a day to air dry it and you will get a marvelous crackling.

To get melt in your mouth texture, the meat needs to go through slow roasting, alas mistake no. 2, high heat because all i wanted was the crispy crackling.

Alas, while the pork in no way tastes bad, in fact still rather good, it was not the melt in your mouth texture and the crackling was rather stiff and chewy. The result of a 45 minute roasting at 240 degrees.

Oh well, till another week when i decide to get pork belly in the market.


PureGlutton said...

Joe, u may want to try it the chinese-style, hehe!

Paranoid Android said...

Never mind. I am sure you will perfect it in the next attempt. No helpful pointers from me though. I can't cook. :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pa: haha i dont mind words of encouragement of course.

pureglutton: wah so much salt!!!!

Tummy Rumble said...

hey man, I would suggest you only rub your marinade on the other side (Not the skin side), whether you leave it out to sun bathe or not, doesn't really matter, what matters is your pork skin must be extremely dry.. Using a satay stick, poke holes all around your pork skin.. When you put your pork on a tray, make sure you put a fork under it (to make sure there is no indentation on your pork so oil/juice can accumulate), as in the fork will help tilt your pork so juices won't accumulate on the skin.. Another thing is, you have to constantly bask your pork with vinegar (this gives it that nice crunchyness), becareful not to over do it though or it might end up too sour. and yes, turn your oven up to the maximum setting, then when you place your pork in, your should lower the heat down to about 180 degrees celcius.. That initial high heat treatment should give it that nice crisp.. I've tried making roast pork twice and succeeded on both accounts.. My only trouble was a small portion of the skin still accumulates some moisture hence that small part ends up rather tough instead.. However, the rest of the skin was crispy and nice.. good luck on your next attempt :D

Tummy Rumble said...

dam i realise i wrote a story, sorry about that..

Baby Sumo said...

You can try my recipe for roast pork (siew yuk):

We get crispy crackling every time!

Michelle Chin said...

You must put a lot of salt for the rub! Or else it will turn out to be a failure - no crackling.

I had that once for my siu yoke. The first time I made it i used 4 tablespoon of salt on my siu yoke. The second time i made it, I used only 2. There was a HUGE difference.

Also, be patient, high heat (BROIL FUNCTION) only comes in during the last ten minutes of roasting time. It usually takes me an hour to roast pork.

qwazymonkey said...

Poor thing. Can't help you there cos if i wanted crackling, i just buy them from a store. But I can see many cooks are offering you advice.

You'll do good the next time.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

LOL. Was gonna say the same thing as munkey, but since he said it, I'll just say "ditto". :-)
All the best in your next attempt!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ll: haha i wish i could buy some..

qm: well lets hope the pork comes true!

michelle: yeah i know!

baby sumo: well going to take a look!

tummyrumble: its all good!

J said...

NVM. Just one small glitch.. :)

babe_kl said...

The recipe I used here does not require a lot of salt. Just marinade the meat side. For crispy crackling, poke the skin with fork all over then brush white vinegar. You'll get lovely cracklings. Good luck!

gfad said...

I luurve how they sell pork belly by nice rectangles! Makes one want to make siew yoke every day.. :D

Interesting how so many people have their versions of making siew yoke. But yeah, most important is to have very, very dry skin. I leave mine skin side up and uncovered, after marination in the fridge overnight.